ISAS Special Meeting

June 11, 2020


A special meeting was called to discuss the proposed FAA fencing issue at 7S5.

The Oregon Department of Aviation had requested a single response to the proposed fencing of the airport. O.D.A. provided ISAS and those affected with a schematic of the proposed 7S5 fencing.

A number of issues were discussed by the group including; Fence location, height of fence, type of fence, overrun area to the north of 7S5, gate locations. ADA access and the general feel and look of a fence in a residential setting.

After discussion the group agreed on most issues and President Ken Hardwick is to send a letter to John Wilson at O.D.A. and express those thoughts.

As a result of the special ISAS meeting the following letter was sent to the O.D.A. on June 11, 2020.


Independence State Airport Support Group.

Airport Business’s / Hangar Lessee’s / EAA Chapter 292 / O.P.A Polk County / HOA North Park / HOA IAHA

Ken Hardwick -  ISAS Chairman  -  Independence, Oregon.



June 12, 2020


John P. Wilson

Oregon Department of Aviation

Salem, Oregon



Dear John,


This is the response from the ISAS Group concerning the O.D.A. Fencing Proposal at 7S5.

ISAS represents and is the voice of all entities at the Independence State Airport.


A one on one discussion was conducted the week of June 8th with most of the stakeholders of the airport. A group follow up meeting was held on Thursday, June 11, 2020 for those not personally contacted for a one on one. 35 people attended the Thursday meeting.


The following are the results from those meetings;


Fencing Size Issue

We strongly oppose a 7’ high fence with barbed wire on the entire Eastside of the airport.

There currently is an 18’ wide X 5’ deep moat on the East side along Airport Road which already drastically enhances security. Adding a 7’ fence with barbed wire next to the moat will only give the look of a maximum security prison at our residential airport. We don’t believe adding a 7’ high barbed wire fence will actually do anything to enhance the security of the airport.  

We recommend a 6’ high chain-link fence with no barbed wire on the East side of the airport.


Also FYI, the current fencing on the South end of 7S5 along Hoffman Road is only 6’ high.


We do not object to the 7’ high barbed wire fence on the West side of the airport.

(Southwest Layout Drawing)


We also strongly object to a fence on the North end of Runway 34. Safety should be our #1 priority. Giving up the overrun and runway safety area should not be considered. This runway is our no wind and most used active runway. Emergencies can and do happen.

(North Layout - Drawing Attached)


Also, a fence on the North end would do nothing to enhance security anyway as the fence (as proposed) abruptly ends and anyone can simply walk around.


12’ Wide Swing Gate

There is an objection to the 12’ swing gate between the EAA Hangar and the Nutsch Hangar.

Our request is to have an electric cantilever gate between the two hangars, the same as the “existing auto cantilever gate” that opens into the Southend hangars. These two organizations

(F.B.O. and EAA Chapter 292) can have a high volume of legitimate auto traffic.


EAA / Reid Hangar Area

These two organizations are requesting a 15’ East extension of the fence. The area is currently used by both as a storage area. Because of its use as a storage area we are requesting “privacy slats” in the fence at this location.  (EAA-Reid Drawing Attached)


Restaurant / Bartle Hangar Area

The ISAS proposal for this area is better for everyone. This proposal saves parking spaces for the restaurant customers, keeps the flag area accessible to the public and still provides Bartle’s new hangar with plenty of access. This should be an easy decision.  

(Bartle-Starduster Drawing Attached)


The restaurant is concerned about the 4’ man gate next to their facility. The gate at this location should have a good ADA access from the parking lot.   



The ISAS members are concerned because at this time we have not had any security issues at 7S5. The group would really like to better understand what it is that the FAA or ODA is trying to accomplish with this new fence. If a security issue should arise in the future we should definitely take another look at this. At present it appears we may be trying to fix a problem that just doesn’t exist.


I will be glad to meet with you at 7S5 to answer any questions you may have or you can call me at most any time.




Ken Hardwick


Ken Hardwick

ISAS Chairman




Sent Via email and US Mail