Memorial Day 2013 Planning Committee

June 12, 2013

Independence Library


Meeting was called to order by Danny Jaffer. Attending: Danny Jaffer, Andy and Connie Andersen, OFF; Mark Matthews, OPA; John Wilson, ODA; Paul Gilman, CAP, Harry and Suzanne Bladow, IAHA; Kelly Cape AMVETS; Al and Margaret Cleveland, EAA.


The consensus is the event was very successful. Kelly Cape thought it would have been appropriate to honor Erik Kesterson’s memorial outside the EAA hangar.


It has come time to take the burden off Andy Andersen as he retires from this committee. Danny Jaffer will approach ISAS for more volunteers. The planning committee will use a care network with representatives from each organization to notify the committee of deceased pilots, including OPA, OFF, EAA, and 99’s. Andy to facilitate setting up with each group with Margaret Cleveland providing technical support.


Feedback on planning and program included:

1)     Delegate responsibilities in January instead of waiting for last minute requests for assistance.

2)     Giving of a pilot flag vs vase has been deferred to ISAS for a formal decision at their July 8, 2013 meeting. Danny Jaffer will attend for a response.

3)     Additional information on deceased pilots will be researched from the internet. A care network will be developed to gain more pilot information. Flyers will be sent to mortuaries for icebraker. Mortuaries traditionally have been very willing to help recognize veterans. Danny Jaffer and Margaret Cleveland will work with Farnstorm to develop the form letter.

4)     Steven Springer did an very good job singing the National Athem. The committee would like to see the song performed with a more upbeat tempo and gusto as the drinking song it started out to be.

5)     The Color Guard will be CAP Cadets only. Pledge of Allegience will be Boy Scouts only

6)     Parking – Scouts can park cars with adult only. Older CAP Cadets can park cars unassisted.  Suggestion is to use only older CAP Cadets.

7)     Program and flags passing – both Scouts and Cadets, using younger kids. Return unwanted flags to a designated location. Many unwanted flags were  found discarded on the floor.

8)     Flag presentation – recipient in front row only – all other family members in next row , with possibily a ribbon on recipient to help the presenter identify them.  Participants may be asked to notify CAP or Scout upon arrival for seating coordination. CAP Cadet will bring the flag to presenter to facilitate a more timely movement of presentation. The certificate should be delivered with flag at time of presentation while the box could be placed under the chair prior to the ceremony.

9)     Neil Haugen of Haugen Photos has offered to do photos of planes for display. It may also be possible to have him do MIA/historic photos.


Plans for 2014:

1)      Flexibility for order of agenda.

2)      Possible 2014 Spearkers: Paul Evans; OR National Guard will have a new Brig General guard taking over in July.; OR Department of Aviation will have a new director soon; an ODA board member.

3)      Steve Springer to continue providing music.

4)      Dannielle Rittaco to continue playing taps.

5)      Planes and cars for display.

6)      Polk County SALT team to protect Starduster lot.

7)      Additional press release to DVA VetNews newsletter, ODA flightline newsletter

8)      First planning meeting for this committee will be January 8, 2014, with a backup date of January 15, 2014.