ISAS  -  Board Meeting Minutes

July 8, 2013


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Chairman Ken Hardwick.Board Board Members Present - IAHA – Herb Jolliff, Gary Van Horn / North Park – Norm Rainey / Hangar Lessee’s – David Thiel, Ken Hardwick / EAA Chapter 292 – Roger Weber / Commercial Business – XX   Oregon Pilots, Polk County – Mark Matthews, Marcia Noell.  A quorum was present.  Jim Hubele was also present.


The previous meeting minutes were read and approved with one spelling correction.

Treasurer’s Report  -  No change at $42.83


Old Business

*  The Pilots Memorial Tribute Event was reviewed by Andy Anderson.

* Aviation Gas Tax was discussed – No movement this session by the Legislature.


New Business

* Oregon Pilots registration was discussed along with the associated cost.

* Andy Anderson’s letter of resignation from the Pilots Memorial Committee was  

   received and discussed. His resignation was accepted by a Board vote.

* The possibility of the email network to go state wide was discussed.

* Flying Farmers representation on the ISAS Board was discussed.

* The new Unicom frequency for 7S5 was discussed. Very Positive review.


ISAS Area Reports

OPA– Reported on the 7S5 Fly In and Flour bombing. Very well received.

EAA – Reported on the upcoming  7S5 Fly In and Vans Homecoming.

IAHA – Reported on many concerns which include; improper taxi way use, low aircraft overflights and water drainage. It was also announced that the City Bond measure passed.


There being no further business the next meeting was scheduled for Oct 14, 2013

and the meeting was adjourned at 8:00 PM.

Ken Hardwick took the minutes of the meeting.