ISAS Board MeetingMinutes-July 9, 2012

The meeting was called to order by President Hardwick at 7:05 PM. A roll call of board members was held and a quorum was present.

Board members present were Ken Hardwick, Dave Martin, Herb Jolliff, Roger Weber, Norm Rainey and Mark Matthews.Also in attendance was hangar owner Paul Sieber.


The minutes of the April 9, 2012 meeting were read and approved as published on the ISAS website.

The treasury amount is still the same at $42.83.


Old Business

-          The request for the ODA and the FAA to establish a new radio frequency for 7S5 is still in progress. If approved it could take quite some time.

-          The taxi way painting for the airport has been completed.

-          Dave Martin reported on the Memorial Day Event sponsored by the ISAS group. He reported the event was well attended by the local residents and was a huge success. ISAS wishes to thank everyone for your time in planning and also in your participation in the event.

-          The airport drainage was again discussed. Hopefully there will not be another flood as we had last winter. The City of Independence is currently doing some preventative maintenance on the storm drainage at the airport.

-          The security gate entrance to the hangars at the restaurant area was again discussed. ODA has told the ISAS Board that they will make some improvements in the gate signage to keep unauthorized vehicles out of the area. It was mentioned that some automobile Garmin GPS units have the 7S5 private taxiways listed as city streets.


New Business

Guest Paul Sieber brought up the security gate issue again along with his other security concerns. Other suggestions he brought up was possibly fencing in the airport and putting owner names and emergency phone numbers on all hangars.He also discussed transients walking on Airport Road.

A lengthy discussion was held by the group on the gate and other security issues in the state lessee hangar area.The Board rejected the idea of any fencing. The Board also stated that Airport Road is a public road that belongs to the City and we have no legal right to refuse anyone access. If unusual activity is observed in the area, call 911. The Board also rejected the idea of owner names and emergency phone numbers on hangars, again just call 911.They also thought the security gate issue would not be a problem if the hangar owners would just close the gate after passing thru.

Mr. Sieber did not agree with the ISAS Board on any of the issues discussed.


ISAS Area Reports

The respective area board members had nothing new to report from their area.


Upcoming Events

-          The Vanís / 7S5 Fly-Inwill be heldAugust 17-19

-          The Independence Hops & Heritage Festival- Sept 28-30


Next Meeting ††-The next Meeting will be held at 7 PM on October 8, 2012 at the EAA Hangar


Meeting adjourned at 7:55 PM†† - Minutes by Ken Hardwick as Robert English was unable to attend.