ISAS Quarterly Board Meeting

July 10, 2006


The meeting was called to order at 7:02 PM by President Ken.  Present were Andy Andersen, Robert English, Ed Hannevig, Mike Pongracz, Ken Hardwick, and Norm & Rita Farb.  It was judged that the four voting members present (Andy representing IAHA by request of Dave Martin and John Horn) constituted a quorum.


Minutes of the previous meeting were handed out and reviewed by all present.  Mike moved that the minutes be approved as read, and Ed seconded.  All approved by voice vote.


Old Business: Andy passed out copies of the program for the Memorial Day Fly-By.  The only difference from previous events was that the names of deceased veterans was not read aloud but placed on a bulletin board so that people could look over the list of names.  That cut down on the time for the flag ceremony, and the ending of that ceremony was perfectly timed with the appearance of the National Guard aircraft.  Helicopters from the Coast Guard were also present, and thanks go to Pete Weber for making those arrangements.  A budget for the 2007 event, to make sure the organization doesn't go in the red, is one of the items to be discussed in November when the committee meets again.  Seeking corporate donors for the event, in addition to the existing support from the PCOPA, will help to cover the approximately $300.00 shortfall (the major expense is for the porta-potty for handicapped people, which was $120.00 extra). 


There was some discussion about the restaurant and the fact that the Muis family wants too much money to sell the place.  Discussion turned to the hangars and the grass growing up around some of them, and the fact that some people take care of the space around their hangars and some don't.  The current representative for the lessees was not at tonight's meeting, but it was agreed that he could talk with some of the lessees to see if they can take better care around their buildings.  There had been a recent promise by Larry Weber to repaint the numbers on the runways "when the weather got good", but it hasn't happened yet.


Minutes from the most recent OAB meeting, of June 21st, were summarized by President Ken.  This included the news that the Lakeside airport is no longer a State airport and is now being run by the City.  The airport at Mulino is being renovated by the Port of Portland, with gas tanks and hangar space, then it will be contracted to the ODA to see if money can be made at that strip.  The airport at Waconda Beach is in negotiations to be purchased by a developer to make it into an airpark along with a proposed shopping center.  The County is currently the only entity standing in the way of this development.  Pacific City airport has been cleaned up using inmate labor, and the Jordan Valley (near Idaho) is getting a new airstrip being bankrolled by the FAA.  Salem is expanding at the south end by extending the runways and putting in some new buildings; the ODA is considering this area for its new building. The FAA may be putting up a large portion of the money for this project.


New Business: There were two letters presented regarding new members of the ISAS Board, one making the request to appoint Norm Farb as the AOPA liaison in place of Andy.  Ed made the motion and Mike seconded.  All approved by voice vote.  The next letter was from the Oregon Flying Farmers requesting that Andy be appointed the non-voting board member for that group.  Mike made the motion and Ed seconded.  All approved by voice vote.  

There was some discussion about some non-standard flying patterns and approaches that people have been doing here lately that can be considered dangerous.  There was also a note made about the land for sale to the west of the airport; there was one offer of $22,000 per acre that the current owner turned down because he did not think the offer was high enough, and that offer came from a developer.  Andy said that the ODA's plan to expand the airport to the West by buying the 41 acres would help to provide a buffer zone against any anticipated development there, and the ISAS Board needs to push for the ODA to follow through with that plan.  Ken said that matching funds would be needed from the FAA in order for that 41 acres to be purchased.  Possibilities of a parallel stabilized grass strip on the west side, which has been requested, might be the incentive to expand the airport to the West and decrease the possibility of encroachment near-term.  The scheduled OAB meetings are September 20 at Ontario, November 15 at Redmond, then January 15 at Salem.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:02 PM.  Next proposed ISAS meeting is Monday, October 16th, right here at Gabel's hangar.


Respectfully submitted by Robert English, secretary.