Minutes of ISAS Board Meeting

July 11, 2005

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 pm by John Conley, Chair, in Gabel’s hangar. Present were: Carole Gabel, Alternate 7S5 Lessees Assn; Ed Hannevig, PCOPA; Mike Pongracz, EAA Ch 292 and Andy Andersen, AOPA 7S5 ASN Volunteer. Guest was Tom Ritchey, Polk County Commissioner and new Chair for 7S5 Pilot Memorial event. Board members excused were: John Horn, IAHA President, Harry Malette, 7S5 FBO; and Robert English, Secretary and Web Master. A suggestion was made to send a reminder to Board members for future meetings. Andy volunteered to send an e-mail reminder if he is reminded.

Minutes of April 11, 2005 meeting were approved on motion by Ed Hannevig and seconded by Mike Pongracz as corrected by replacing "HSP 254" with HB 3254. No change to date on Treasurer’s report of $31.83 cash on hand.

Independence Water Issue Meeting Minutes, June 1, 2005 (Copy available on ISAS Web Site: http://www.isasg7s5.org/docs/IndWaterMinutes050601.htm)

John Conley lead the discussion of the special meeting called by ODA to discuss the issues of water source and a Fire Hydrant system for 7S5. He said he came away from the meeting with the impression that the meeting was about how to finance the mistake the ODA had made in not providing a fire suppression system for 7S5 before granting hangar site leases. John was not sure if the lessees will be required to pay for the system improvements, estimated at $260,000 or higher, and if the "through the fence" Airparks would also be assessed. Carole Gabel stated the IAHA will likely go to litigation of included in the cost of the water hydrant system as the Airparks would not be protected by the new system. Question was asked who is responsible for requirement and was answered as being the Oregon State Fire code, enforced by the Polk Fire Dist. #1 Fire Marshal, Jason Cane. Construction of the large commercial hangar was thought to be the reason for review of the system: 1) determining the present system is not adequate to meet the fire code; and 2) changing classification of all hangars to Commercial. Mike raised the question of why private hangars are now changed to commercial as many of the hangars are for private use only.

John said an agreement was reached at the June 1 meeting to allow the system to be brought up to code in phases beginning with the 6" line along Airport Rd and filling in the ditch to make access to the hangars easier for fire trucks. A hydrant in front of the larger hangar would not be required if the hydrants were placed strategically. Cane stated the loop system was not required, just a suggestion. The question was asked by John if the ISAS Board should be proactive and write a letter to the Governor. It was suggested it might be more appropriate to write the letter to Director Hidley, stating the ISAS Board is in favor of the ODA constructing the improved hydrant system to meet Fire Code, but is opposed to assessing airport users for cost of construction who are not protected by the system, such as the Airparks. Every effort should be made by ODA to find a source for funds from AIP grants to reduce the cost for local users such as Lottery Bond funds will be available to aviation, if SB 71 is passed by the House. The final suggestion was to have each of the represented organizations of ISAS Board to write a letter to ODA Director in response to the June 1st meeting. Page 1 of 3

A motion by Mike to have a special meeting of the Board and invite all interested person to attend when both John Cox and John Horn is available to relate the facts and figures on the water issue, assessments and annexation of 7S5, seconded by Carole and passed by voice vote. John will call both Johns and set a meeting date.

Discussion of Letter from City Manager

The water source issue and development proposals on east and west side of airport was discussed in regard to letter of July 8th from Greg Ellis, City Manager, requested by John Conley, ISAS Board Chair. Copy of letter is available on ISAS Web Site. One option of ODA for water for 7S5 is from City of Independence but would not be available until ODA requests annexation to city. Development of an addition to Airpark on east side of Stryker Rd. was suggested at an earlier meeting with the land owner. This is a possibility but not probable because Stryker Rd would need to be crossed or realigned along RR tracks. Jim Kirkendall, City Councilmen told John he is opposed to changing Stryker. The present zone is Heavy Industrial but the consensus of the Board was that the Light Industrial Zone is most appropriate at this time. Carole stated the present industrial owners on east side of Stryker are also opposed to changing the zone.

In the letter, Ellis stated the property owners on the west side have not made application and the property is outside the Urban Growth Boundary and would need to be changed and annexed into the city before water would be available. This includes the 41 acres proposed for expansion of 7S5. An additional 60 acres west of that is recommended to be an additional Airpark as all the lots are sold in the Airparks on the east side and there is continuing demand for more Airpark lots. The city will conduct a 20 year review of buildable land in the city which would need to be considered before any additional annexation. The present city policy is to encourage expansion to the southwest and not to the northwest. Mike stated this was for conventional housing and Airparks are a specialized category to be considered in planning, the 22 acre issue is an example. Carole said she understands the Airparks generate about 35% of the tax base for city, which suggests city should encourage expansion of Airparks. Airparks are compatible with airports.

Problem with communication of ODA with ISAS Board.

A letter to the Board by Andy, suggested there is a problem with communication of ODA with ISAS Board which formerly was recognized by ODA as the primary advisory group for Planning, Development, Operation and Maintenance of 7S5. Andy suggested one solution was to form an Airport District to take ownership of 7S5 and be managed by a local District Board of 7 members, initially appointed by the Polk County Commissioners but voted on later at regular elections. He suggested 5 members of the initial board could be representatives of local 7S5 users, like the ISAS Board, with two additional representatives from the cities or the county. Mike raised the question of liability which is now covered by the State of Oregon. A liability policy for 7S5 would be expensive if it was available. Carole said IAHA had considered liability for the taxiways in the Airpark in the past and found it was very expensive. Mike asked if a business model had been made on operation of 7S5 and Andy said it was done about 10 years ago and would need to be done again under current conditions. Mike suggested the current operating budget for 7S5 needed to be provided by ODA, including several past years to use in determining economic feasibly of forming an Airport District. Andy will ask ODA for the data and present to the Board.

Review of Major Aviation Activities at 7S5.

Tom Ritchey, Polk County Commissioner and local pilot has volunteered to be the Chair of next years 7s5 Pilot Memorial event. Andy distributed a copy of the Review of the 2005 7S5 Pilot Memorial event on May 30th which suggests the format of the event be changed to be more of a community event. The Pilot Memorial activity has gone in the hole the past two years and it is suggested a budget be developed and a plan for funds to support the budget be made. The review committee suggested changing the BBQ to be a potluck, like in the past, with salads, casseroles and deserts donated by the Airpark residents and others interested in supporting the Memorial event. Set the price to cover the cost of the event, the BBQ and the free BBQs that are provided to the Fly-By pilots and other volunteers who help. Change the time to start at 11 am and have the Flag Ceremony at noon, followed by the Fly-Bys. Another suggestion is to change the location to the west side of the Café and provide a temporary Flag pole. This would allow the audience to see what is happening on the ramp and in the sky. One suggested location would be the open area between the Café and the FBO hangar. John will suggest support for the Community BBQ to the INPAAHA Board and support will be suggested to the IAHA Board on July 13th.

Another aviation event, planned at 7S5 this on September 24th, is the aviation activities planned as part of the Hop & Heritage Festival. This is planned to include a fly-in of the Evergreen Museum Ford Tri-Motor, static displays of Antique and Classic aircraft and a Balloon lift off in the morning. Another suggested activity is to have a Pancake Fly-In that morning with the profit to help finance the 7S5 Pilot Memorial event next year and other aviation related scholarships and activities. This would make the 3rd major aviation event at 7S5, which should emphasize the importance of aviation and the airport to the community. This will also provide an opportunity for a local aviation organization to sponsor the Pancake Fly-In in support of the airport. Paul Pfinister is on the Hop & Heritage Festival Planning committee and will help with the activities at 7S5.

Next ISAS Board Meetings.

John Conley will check with both John Cox and John Horn to find a date for a Special Board meeting to discuss the water source, fire hydrants, annexation and assessment issues at 7S5. Notice will be sent to all Board members and to all those interested in these issues.

The next regular Board meeting is tentatively set for Tuesday, October 10, at 7 pm in Gabel’s hangar.

HAPPY LANDINGS! Andy Andersen, Acting Secretary