ISAS Board Meeting

July 11, 2011


The meeting was called to order by President Ken at 7:00 PM. Present were: Dave Martin, Andy Andersen, Ken Hardwick, Robert English, Jim Hubule, Herb Jolliff, Norm Rainey, Gary Van Horn, Roger Weber, Mark Matthews, Paul Sieber and Dan Jaffer. There were enough representatives here to declare a quorum.


SECRETARY/TREASURER: Andy made the motion to accept the minutes as printed, and Roger Weber seconded. All approved by voice vote. Treasury update is still the same: $42.83.


OLD BUSINESS: Gary Van Horn gave a summary of the current status of the FAA appropriations bill that includes (on the Congressional side) language that prohibits the withdrawal of funds from a State Airport solely because there is a residential development attached to it. The AOPA appears to have sided with the commercial interests and are not supporting Residential TTF.  The new president of EAA, however, is very supportive of RTTF. 


Currently, the ODA is still its own agency, not re-absorbed into ODOT, though reduced in staff size: there is only one person to help with airport maintenance. As of the first of July, Mitch Swecker is now permanent head of the ODA.  Also, Cape Blanco airport has been transferred to municipal ownership.


 Dan Jaffer summarized the Memorial Day fly-by event, and thanked the EAA for the use of the hangar since it came well in handy that day since the weather did not cooperate.  The only issue was the Missing Man Formation, and there were comments that it should be the last event before lunch; that will be taken up for next year.  There were 33 thank-you letters sent out to the various people and sub-committees that helped make this event the success it was. Ken asked if there was any objections to hosting it again for 2012, making it the 19th annual, and there was no objection: ISAS gladly supports the 19th annual Memorial Day fly-by event. The first planning meeting for this is to be announced.


The grass-strip proposal from the last meeting has been handed to Mitch Swecker and he said he would look it over.  There was some discussion about how much distance there needs to be between parallel runways, and that distance is 200 feet, which puts it outside the current airport boundary.  Ken said he would contact Mitch again to get him out here for our next meeting on October 10 to discuss this point.


NEW BUSINESS: Jim Hubule discussed the Unicom frequency 122.8, how heavily that frequency is used around other airports in the area, and he asked if the ODA is the entity to approach regarding changing the frequency. 122.7, 123.0, 122.725, 122.975, 123.075, and some others are open.  Ken asked him to write up an official proposal letter, including some recommendations as to which frequencies would be better. If it's done in time, the new frequency would be included in the next printing of the sectional chart. 


Gary Van Horn said that the gate next to the restaurant has no lock on it, and the post is bent enough that it cannot hold the gate anymore.  There are signs, but besides the warnings we need to be watchful for unauthorized pedestrian or bicycle traffic on the taxiway/runway system.  There was lots of discussion about these points. The main thing is to be aware that this problem exists and to talk to the people who are misusing the taxiways.  Ken said he would talk to John (the airport maintenance guy) about some signs to put up.


REGIONAL REPORTS: Ken reported for the hangar group, and spoke about the new insurance requirements of a $1,000,000 policy to rent a hangar, with the State named as co-insured. Brown & Brown in Denver has a policy available, thankfully. 


EAA: On the 12th and 13th of August there will be a TravelAire fly-in here at Independence. 


OPA: On the 10th of September there will be a one-day OPA convention at Sun River; there will be a safety seminar and a banquet dinner as part of the festivities.  There's an early-bird price for the convention up until August 12. The Hop and Heritage Festival is also coming up on the 24th and 25th of September.


ODA: next meeting is July 28 at the Port of Portland office at the Portland airport.


OFF: There will be a corn feed at Andy's hangar this year, in August, with the annual meeting afterward.


ADJOURNMENT: President Ken adjourned the meeting at 8:05 PM.  The next meeting is on October 10, but there may be a special one before that for Mitch Swecker to come and discuss the issues we brought up this evening.