ISAS Board Meeting

July 14, 2014


Meeting called to order at 7:02 PM by ISAS Vice Chairman Marcia Noell


Board Members present were: Gary Van Horn, South Park HOA/ David Thiel, Hangar Leesees / Dave Ullman, EAA 292/ Mark Matthews and Marcia Noell, PCOPA. A quorum was present.

Others present were Kathleen Rice and Michelle Smith Singh



Q      The April minutes were approved as submitted.


Treasurers Report No change: $42.83


Old Business:

Q      History of ISAS – Andy was not in attendance. The board members requested that Andy’s recollections be written down.

Q      ISAS By-Laws were distributed to the board members. The by-laws will be reviewed at the October meeting


New Business

Q      AERT (CERT) – Dave Ullman has assembled a preliminary Airport Emergency Response Team, AERT, patterned after the Community Emergency Response Team, CERT. This is in response to a CERT exercise at Central High. The exercise was a simulation of a GA aircraft hitting a school bus. Based on 2 real scenarios at 7S5, members of the community have agreed that it would be help to not only assist CERT and local authorities regarding responding to aviation incidents, but to also train local experts to assist CERT and become the AERT. Dave is working with CERT to provide 28 hours of training to interested volunteers in the Fall. Dave has been facilitating the activity so far, but is looking for someone to take the lead on this. Additional contacts were suggested to find what training is provided for aircraft emergencies for Salem Fire Department and if Mat Maass has any information to add. Marcia will contact Paul Ehrhardt to find out about his involvement with Benton County Sheriff Search and Rescue.

Q      Marquis Spa is taking over the warehouse across from Stinson to build in-home therapy pools. Marquis has done everything they need to begin manufacturing. The city had not signed off on the plan pending a meeting requested by Marquis to address concerns from people in the Airpark. The meeting was conducted 7/14 2:30 PM. The city did not notify the airpark of the plans. Marquis notified property owners within 280 feet of the planned manufacturing site. There were disputes about whether everyone who should have been notified was notified. Regardless, the plans were distributed through the block heralds and many residents are upset because of the potential of odiferous fumes. Motion made to set up a subcommittee to look into the issues, Dave moved and Gary seconded the motion. Motion carried. IAHA has invited Marquis to homeowners meeting 7/31. Board recommends setting up subcommittee after IAHA meeting. Suggested subcommittee members include Alan Wright (DEQ), Norm Farb and Miles Towner. Anne and Steve Scheck were notified of the plans. Schecks’ have gathered 3 paged pages of alleged violations made by Marquis.


Upcoming event & announcements

Q      Oregon Aviation Board Meeting July 18, 2014 PDS Multnomah Room in conference center

Q      2014 Independence Fly-In and Van’s Homecoming August 15-17

Q      Independence Hop & Heritage Festival September 26-28

Q      PCOPA Flap Jack Feed September 27 7:30-12:30


Meeting adjourned 8:00. Minutes taken by Vice Chairman, Marcia Noell