ISAS Board Meeting

August 11, 2008

Ken Hardwick, Chair, opened the meeting 7:10 pm. Present were: Ken Hardwick (NPAHA); Dave Martin (OPA); Herb Jolliff (IAHA); Harry Malette (Airport Business) and Andy Andersen (OFF). Ken declared a quorum was present. Robert English, Secretary/Treasurer, could not attend and Andy was asked to take minutes. Motion made by Herb Jolliff to approve minutes of January 14, 2008, seconded by Dave Marin and passed by voice vote.

Discussion centered around topics that need ISAS Board attention as discussed at the July 14th Non-Meeting. Andy reported on the 2008 Pilot Memorial Event review meeting held on July 7th, including a financial summery. He emphasized the importance of individual and organization donations for the functions that would otherwise need to be funded. He thanked Harry Malette for donation of the 'Port-a-Potty' which was a major expense in previous years. Harry also provided model gliders and flags for children to encourage family participation. Steven Springer provided the PA system which was previously another major expense. The PCOPA chapter donated 20% of the net proceeds from the Community Picnic which provided $93 to cover most cash expenses. The 2008 Pilot Memorial Planning Committee met on July 7th to review the event and indicated the 2008 Pilot Memorial Event was successful even though the wet weather required using 'Plan B' by moving the ceremony inside the EAA Ch 292 hangar. The ISAS Board was asked if the Pilot Memorial Event should be planned for 2009 and those present said it should be if there is support like we have had in the past.

Andy also reported on the status of the new bill being sponsored by the OFF/OAA Boards to establish an Airport Planning Area (APA) within a 3 mile radius of the main runway of all public use airports. Support from all aviation and agricultural organizations will be necessary as this will be a 'battle' in the 2009 Legislature. He said the OAPA Work Group will also introduce the idea to the Big Look Committee on revising Oregon Land Use Law. Suggestion was made to ask if ODA and the Governor's office might introduce the bill as ODA has 28 state owned public use airports.

Ken distributed the By-Law Committee's Draft of changes proposed to the ISAS By-Laws relating to expanding the voting members of the Board from the present 6 to 12.  This would be accomplished by adding one additional person from each of the six 7S5 user organizations. The proposal also requested the quorum be changed to 5 voting members present. (currently four).

The reason for the change is to be sure there is a quorum at each meeting to be able to conduct business. Herb Jolliff moved the changes to the By-Laws be adopted as discussed, seconded by Dave Martin and passed by 2/3 majority by voice vote.

Andy distributed a survey form from the new city 2020 Vision Committee to determine how residents would like the city to be developed by year 2020. He also distributed the 'Stakeholder Interview Questionnaire' from the city Vision 2020 committee for businesses and organizations. He suggested each of our ISASB 7S5 User organizations should complete this form. Completed forms are to be deposited at City Hall or Library.

Andy thanked Dave Martin for his part in visiting the CEO for Cessna in regard to possibility of final assembly of the Cessna LSA 'Skycatcher' on the 45 acres west of 7S5 as part of expanding the city UGB. Dave reported Cessna has already established plans for Cessna Dealers to be involved with the final assembly. An e-mail from Mayor McArdle expressed his disappointment but said our efforts need to continue to find appropriate development that would be complementary to the airport, aviation community and the city. Most of the other discussion centered on how to encourage 7S5
User Organization representatives to attend the ISAS Board quarterly meetings. It was suggested it is important to have a representative of ODA attend the meetings (this has not happened since Larry Weber left ODA).

Next meeting will be on October 13, 2008 at 7 pm in Gabel's hangar.

The Meeting was concluded at 8:10 PM.

HAPPY LANDINGS! Andy Andersen, Acting Secretary