Independence, Oregon

DRAFT: ISAS Board Meeting Minutes.

August 30, 2004

The meeting was called to order at 8:00 by President John Conley.

Those present were:

The minutes of the July meeting were drafted by Robert English, and Gary Van Horn indicated they would be available for the next meeting, with his apologies for the oversight.

Paul Finster, a private marketing consultant briefed the Board on plans for the Independence Hop and Heritage Festival. Mr. Finster noted the importance of the Airport in the plans for the weekend and indicated there was transportation planned to ferry folks from downtown to the Airport and back.

There was a discussion of the operating policies being drafted by Gary for the Board. Minutes would be in summary form, with the intent to record decisions made or directions to be taken, not necessarily who said what - all present agreed with that approach.

The Treasurer's Report would be kept simple by describing the total amount available, what has been paid and what may be due. There was no discussion of a process for approving bills (if any) at this time.

Meeting procedures were discussed, with the consensus that the primary expectation would be for everyone to show courtesy to the Chair and others. It was also agreed, however, that some rules should be drafted and be in place to implement if necessary.

Gary Van Horn will bring draft polices and procedures to the next meeting.

Andy Anderson was recognized by the Chair and Andy submitted a proposal to add a non-voting Board position that would represent the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. Following discussion of the proposition, it was decided to appoint Andy as a liaison between the AOPA and the ISAS Board. Andy agreed to accept the appointment.

The program/focus of the ISAS Board was then discussed at length. Should th4 focus of the Board be communication, promotion or both? The consensus was that members would think about it some more and discussion would continue at the next meeting.

In the meantime, John would send letters to the City, the Department of Aviation, the Council of Governments and the Polk County Commission requesting the initiation or re-instatement of a regular meeting schedule to discuss items of interest to the Airport and it's users. Gary will confirm the names and addresses for the appropriate people at each government unit and draft the letters for John's editing and transmittal.

The issue of airport divestiture was next on the list of issues to discuss. Jim Kirkendall, a member of the Independence City Council and a resident on the airport was available to discuss the City's perspective. He indicated that there was some interest on the part of the City in determining what the intent of the Department of Aviation actually intended to do and what the requirements might be. Greg Ellis, City Manager, had made telephone contact with the Department of Aviation, but no information had yet been received. Jim said that he did not think there was a high level of interest on the part of the City to acquire the airport at this time. He also indicated that before anything was decided or attempted there would be a full and open public process with input from the entire community to be considered. John indicated that we needed to secure a copy of the Department's policy and that we should be able to get that from the process being initiated with the letters.

Using the Internet to provide information for ISAS Board members and relevant constituent groups was discussed. Developing a process will require additional discussion during later meetings.

In closing, it was noted that Gary and Andy would need to work out a method of preserving the files that Andy has accumulated. They are apparently significant in volume of paper at this time.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Gary Van Horn, Secretary.


File: ISASBoDMinutes8-30-04(Unapproved).doc