ISAS Board Minutes

September 17, 2007

Meeting called to order at 7:10 pm by Chair, Ken Hardwick. Present were: Dave Martin (IAHA & EAA); Ken Hardwick and Joe Zink (North Park); Gregory Guy & Carole Gabel (Lessees); Norm Farb, (AOPA ASN & AIRO); and Andy Andersen (OFF). Ken declared a quorum of Board Members was present to conduct business.

Others present were: Harry Bladow (IAHA), Jim Hubele and Dick Wildman (North Park). Andy reported Larry Weber (ODA) could not attend but would be available for questions during meeting by cell phone.

Minutes of Board meeting June 11, 2007 were distributed and approved by voice vote on motion by Dave Martin and second by Norm Farb. Treasures report of $42.83 is same as June report.

Ken asked Dave & Andy to report on HB-3153 as amended to establish Airport Protection Boundaries (APB). HB-3153 was gutted by Joint Land Use Fairness Committee and used to write Initiative Measure 49 which will be voted on November 6th. An APB Work Group of representatives of ODA, DLCD and most of the aviation organizations was formed which determined the present Airport Planning Law could be used to protect public use airports if APB was within the UGB. The Administrative Rules might need to be amended to include airparks. As Independence was in process of inventory of the buildable land to amend the Comprehensive Plan to expand the UGB, 7S5 was suggested to be used to test the process using the Airport Planning Law. A joint meeting of ODA & DLCD planners was called to suggest a planning process for 7S5. Request will be made to the Independence Planning Commission on October 1st to use the Airport Planning Law to establish zoning around 7S5 as an APB. Dave, Ken, and Andy reported attending the HB-3153 hearings but was not able to testify because of the time constraint with more than 200 who attended. Their written testimony was introduced after the hearing by Senator Betsy Johnson.

Andy and Norm reported on suggested development of the 190 acres for sale by Gary Gentemann family and the 200 acres belonging to Julian Lafayette. A sketch and narrative was distributed as zoning plan for 190 acres for airport expansion, airpark/golf housing, Commercial, Industrial and open area Park under power line. Norm is working with BPA to determine if the power line could be realigned or buried to accommodate more airpark housing. The poles are old and may need to be replaced so might be economic for BPA to change location or bury the line.

The golf course idea is to serve as a buffer for the airport and for the farm operations. The city is interested in using the golf course as a means to dispose of sewer pond affluent in the summer by irrigating the golf course. Being able to fly in and taxi aircraft to the golf pro-shop, a motel along Hoffman Rd. and the area zoned as Industrial would also fit in the city goal to have Independence become a ‘Destination City’ by attracting additional visitors.

There was much discussion of those present both in favor and opposed to development around the airport and airparks. No conclusion was reached but information is to be presented to member organizations. The Gentemanns have suggested only developing the expansion of the airport for a west side taxiway, additional airport service area and an airpark to be annexed and developed at this time and not include the golf course because of additional time for city staff to process the request. Question was raised on status of the area on south end of airport for sale. There was a rumor that the ODA had $750.000 available to purchase property. Perhaps it is to purchase that property.

The City Planning Commission will be asked to consider using the Airport Planning Law to annex and re-zone the area necessary to protect the airport at their next meeting on October 1st at City Hall. Final decision on area to be included and type of zoning will be determined by the city and county planning process. Ken urged all persons and groups in our aviation community to attend the meetings and voice their opinions where decisions will be made on these issues.


IAHA - Dave reported IAHA is looking for new Board members and officers. The Board is

looking at possible CCR violations and are considering purchase of liability insurance for Board members.

NORTH PARK - Dick reported the North Park has purchased insurance. North Park also has held their annual meeting and board members have been elected. The Board will elect officers in the very near future. Otherwise everything is happily quiet.

LESSEES - Greg stated the Lessees are looking to become more active with he and Jim Smith as leaders. Some issues are the communication with ODA on hangar inspections. Harry Bladow stated several years ago he attended the OAB meetings as Chair for ISAS Board and was able to get some changes in the leasing rules so it is important to be organized and to keep the ODA and OAB informed on lessee issues and problems at 7S5.

EAA - Dave reported EAA has contract with ODA to mow grass for 7S5 and purchased a mower to do the work based on doing so for 5 years. Now ODA is contemplating reducing the amount to be paid which will jeopardize the 5 year payments for the mower, which might mean need to be sold and discontinue the contract to mow. Decision needs to be made soon.

OPA/PCOPA & ASN/AIRO - Norm reported on recruiting for additional AIRO volunteers. He has contacted 14 persons and will have a training meeting for AIRO in Salem soon. The training will help volunteers to know what to look for in reporting conditions at the airports to ODA. This program will reduce inspection cost to ODA when program is implemented. Dave reported the PCOPA is having the annual pancake fly-in on Saturday and Sunday morning September 29 & 30 in conjunction with the Hop & Heritage Festival. Dave also reported Joe Smith, OAB member and President Elect for OPA will replace Dave as President of OPA. The meeting will be in Salem at Graham Aviation/Val Electronics on November 3rd. All OPA members are welcome and you need to have reservations for lunch.

New Business: Glenn Plymate has written a history of 7S5 and request it be put on ISAS Web Site. There were no objections so Robert will be asked to post it.

Ken provided a list of Oregon Aviation Board meeting places and dates and encouraged members to attend on November 14th in Portland. Check the ODA website for agenda and location.

Good of the Order: Carole announced Neil Warrick passed way and his hangar/home on Stearman St. is for sale at about $475,000.

Reminder that each ISAS organization needs to elect or appoint a representative to ISAS Board for the annual meeting on January 14, 2008.

Next meeting will be the annual meeting on January 14, 2008 at 7 pm in Gabel’s hangar.

Meeting adjourned at 8:36 PM.

Andy Andersen, Acting Secretary