ISAS Board Minutes

Special Meeting -October 3, 2021 - Sunday 7 PM


The meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM by Chairman Ken Hardwick. A quorum was present. 21 airpark residents were also in attendance.


The meeting was called to hear from resident Ron Singh on his discussion with the ODA on the airport fencing issues. Ron was appointed by ISAS to be the spokesperson to ODA on the fencing proposal.


Ron prepared a PowerPoint presentation for the ISAS Group. The following is Ronís comments and a written explanation of his meeting with the ODA that was presented along with the PowerPoint presentation:



This morning I met with Betty Stansbury (ODA Director) and Tony Beach (ODA Airports Manager) for about 90 minutes on the subject of the Independence Airport fence.

I explained that I was in a unique position having worked for ODOT for 40 years (where Aviation was part of ODOT for half my career) AND I was a home owner at the Independence Airpark with concerns about the ODA fence project.I can see both sides of the issue, but based on my experience in State government, I felt that this was a fairly simple issue to resolve without unnecessary escalation and turmoil.I further explained that I asked ISAS to give me a couple of days to meet with ODA to see if I can resolve it before they take the steps they were contemplating Ė and thatís why I was there to meet with them.

I discussed the concerns ISAS members have about the process ODA followed while developing this project; the concerns about the design and location of the fence; and the fact that ODA didnít appear to follow the recommendations of their own Independence Airport Master Plan.My talking points are attached if you want to see what I discussed with them.

To summarize the outcome of the meeting:

1.  Betty understood that our biggest concern was the location of the East-West fence line at the north end of the runway.As per ISAS recommendations, I suggested moving it north to the property line.However, I went further and suggested that she defer construction on of that sec on of the fence until further development of the airport. This would give all parties me to discuss that sectionís fence layout in the context of the overall future development.She told me that she was considering moving the fence contingent upon the FAA funding the extra work and that they didnít run into environmental issues.She also said she would consider not installing that

section, but didnít want to simply delay the inevitable.She will research this issue and get back to me by mid October.

2.  The second biggest issue I raised was the aesthetics of the North-South fence along Airport Road.I suggested that we could accept a 5 foot chain link fence without any barbed wire.She believed that the FAA will not allow that and required a 6 foot fence with a 1 foot barbed wire top.However, she did say that she will check with the FAA. She also said that some me ago she discussed the op on of a decorative fence along Airport road with the FAA and they denied it.She did tell me that ODA would accept a decorative fence if the Homeownerís Association would pay for it.This is because the FAA wonít participate (funding) in a non-standard airport fence.So, if thatís what the HOA wants, we should have that discussion with her.

3.  I raised the issue of the fencing around the restaurant.It appears that the drawing I circulated at Mondayís meeting is fairly accurate.I asked them to look into any ADA issues relating to fencing around the restaurant.They will do so.I also asked about the fence connect on to the new (Larson/ Bartle) hangar and its effect on the restaurant parking.Their plans appear to be fairly accurate, but they will get back to me.

4.  I also brought up the concern (pointed out to me by Rich Paulsen) about the fence creating an obstacle between the 5 fire hydrants on Airport road and facilities/aircraft on the airport.I told them that Richís discussion with the Fire Department revealed that they were not informed of the fence construction.ODA will make contact the Fire Department and resolve any issue raised.

I suggested to Betty that if she could agree to two items, I feel I could convince ISAS to support the project:

1.  Defer construction on of the East-West sec on of the fence at the North end of the runway until airport expansion.

2.  Omit the barbed wire sec on (top) of the fence along Airport road.

She needed time to research this, but assured me that she will get back to me by mid October with further answers or decisions.She also asked if anyone had concerns about anything to please contact her before escalating it to the Board or a legislator.She can be reached at (503) 378-2340 or feel that we should extend that professional courtesy and thatís partly why I went to meet with them.

Betty also asked that we (Airpark Residents) do our part to abide with airport rulesÖ specifically as it relates to unleashed pets.I wanted a very clear understanding of this issue, because my wife and I often walk around the apron/ramp and hangar taxiways with a leashed dog and see no harm with that.Betty concurred and we concluded that ODAís policy is:

1.  No unleashed pets/animals anywhere on airport property.

2.  No pets/animals (leashed or not) on the runway, taxiway alpha, or the grassy areas adjacent to them.

3.  Itís okay to have a leashed and controlled pet on the ramp/apron; hangar taxiways; or areas other than item 2.

Not everyone may agree with me, but I would like to maintain a strong tie to ODA and I strongly agree with the statement in the Independence Airport Master Plan:

ďThe Independence State Airport and the Independence Airpark have a symbiotic relationship in that one could not achieve itís potential without the otherís existenceĒ.

Regards,Ron Singh


After the presentation a discussion was had on Ronís meeting with the ODA and what our path should be in moving forward. After much discussion it was decided to give the ODA Director, Betty Stansbury, time to do her research and wait for her mid-October response to ISAS on the fencing issues.

Another ISAS meeting will be held shortly after the next response from ODA. Hopefully around Oct 20th.

As this was a special meeting called for the 7S5 fencing issue, no other business was discussed. The meeting was adjourned at 7:55 PM.

Ken Hardwick