ISAS Board Meeting Minutes    -   October 8, 2012


The meeting was called to order by Chairman Ken Hardwick at 7 PM.

Those Board Members present were;  Gary VanHorn, Norm Rainey, Jerry Price, Ken Hardwick, David Thiel, Roger Weber, Mark Matthews and Dave Martin and Flying Farmers Rep Andy Anderson.



Previous Minutes  - The minutes from the previous meeting of July 9, 2012 were reviewed and approved by the Board.


Treasurer’s  Report - There were no expenses and the treasury remains the same at $42.83  


Old Business was again reviewed.

-          7S5  CTAF  - Still waiting on the new frequency, No new word at this time.

-          7S5  Security Gate - Continues to be a problem. Discussed again by the Board members. 

-          Airport Drainage – Gary VanHorn and Roger Weber updated the Board on the work that was done by the city to reduce flooding next winter.


New Business

-  Ken Hardwick reported on the new industrial park that is going in on Stryker Road. Also the old Boise property on Stryker will be used for storage starting about the end of the year.

-  Andy Anderson asked about the Pilots Memorial Day for 2013. After some brief discussion the Pilots Memorial Day activity was approved for next year.

-  TTF – Gary VanHorn reported on the latest concerning thru the fence. We are currently waiting for the final rules from the FAA.

-  Andy Anderson said the Flying Farmers would host the FAA APT day next spring here at 7S5.

-  Hardwick reported the next ODA meeting will be in Creswell, OR on October 16th.



Next Meeting -  The next meeting will be held at 7 PM on Jan 14, 2013 at the EAA Hangar. The meeting will be the annual meeting and we will have the election of officers.

For the Annual Meeting Chairman Hardwick will invite officials from the Oregon Department of Aviation and the City of Independence.


As Secretary Robert English was working Chairman Hardwick took the meeting minutes.


Adjourn  - The meeting was adjourned at 7:55 PM.