ISAS Board Meeting

October 11, 2010


The meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM.  Present were: Ken Hardwick, Gary Van Horn, Reta Farb, Andy & Connie Andersen, Robert English, Dave Martin, Norm Rainey, Jerry Pryce, and Frank & Marcia Noell.  Four groups out of the six were represented, so we had a quorum.


NEW BUSINESS: First, due to time constraints, Frank Noell shared a presentation about the "Super AWOS," an automated response and advisory computer program that broadcasts over the airport's assigned frequency.  There was a short discussion about it afterward, and the general consensus was that Salem's AWOS had the same information that this system would be able to deliver.  Some remembered Dan Clem at the ODA had hinted that Independence would have its own AWOS, and this would be a cost-effective alternative if there was still a long-term plan to have one here.


OLD BUSINESS: Gary Van Horn gave a brief summary of events leading up to our current situation with the FAA and the TTF.  He stated that there is no substance to the FAA's stance against TTF, and our homes have lost value because of the shadow of doubt which has been cast.  We have, currently, been given assurances that the current agreements will be honored, and so we have a reprieve until the end of our contracted agreement period.  We should use this time to take an aggressive stance politically to safeguard the future of this place and others like it.  Lots of discussion followed.  Andy thanked Gary for providing good leadership through this crisis. 


There was also some discussion about the 41 acres West of the Airport, as new “for sale” signs had recently been put up.  Ken Hardwick will discuss this with ODA at the next Oregon Aviation Board meeting on October 28.


MINUTES: There were some minor corrections for the minutes for January and April, and there was unanimous voice vote to approve the minutes as corrected.


TREASURY: the amount is still the same, $42.83.


ANNOUNCEMENTS: Andy spoke about the Flying Farmers' APT seminar on Saturday the 16th of next April.  It will probably be in the EAA hangar, with the seminar being from 2 to 3:30 PM, and all pilots are welcome to attend.  He also spoke about next year's Memorial Day event, handing out programs from this year's event and generally praising the way it worked out for all concerned.  The consensus of the members present is that this should continue.  Andy said he would talk to Tom Ritchey to see if he still wants to chair the committee.  Ken suggested that if Tom doesn't want to do it then he should scout around for a replacement.


Ken said that there was a request from Gail Boyle to publish summaries of the ISAS minutes for the "Loud and Clear" newsletter, and there was no objection.  "Draft" minutes would be marked as such.


LESSEES: The rents and insurance rates on ODA airport property are going up as of the first of next year, and there is little justification from the ODA.


IAHA: Dave summarized the drainage ditch issue here at the airpark, i.e. that the ditches are the responsibility of whose property it passes through.  Some parts of some ditches straddle the line between common property and the homeowner's property.  There are no flow problems at the moment, and the current consensus of the Board is that there will be no Association money spent when it is not the Association's direct responsibility.


NEXT MEETING: January 10 of 2011, probably at the EAA hangar.


ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 PM.  Respectfully submitted by Robert English, secretary.