ISAS Meeting Minutes   -   Oct 12, 2015


With a quorum present, Ken Hardwick Board Chairman started the meeting at 7PM. Board Members present were: Ken Hardwick; Hangar Lesses’s, Gary Van Horn; South Park, David Ullman; EAA, Mark Matthews; OPA, Don Draeger; North Park, and David Thiel; Hangar Lesses’s.  Also present were: Harry Bladow, Robin Reid and Kelly Matthews.


MINUTES:   The minutes of the last meeting ( 4-13-15) were approved at published.



David Ullman reported on the newly created Airport Response Team. (ART)  After a lengthy description and discussion of the purpose and duties of the Team, a motion was made by David Ullman and seconded by Gary VanHorn for ISAS to be the sponsor of the group. Motion carried.


The new airspace at Salem (SLE) was discussed at length. Letter have been written to the FAA concerning the encroachment on the Independence State Airport (7S5).  It is now a “wait and see” as to what the response from the FAA will be.




Discussion on the new Aurora Airport tower. The tower is to open on October 15th.

Nominations were taken for the vacancy of ISAS Vice Chairman. David Ullman was the only person nominated and was elected by a voice vote.




The Area Board Members gave brief reports on to what was happening in their Group.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 PM.

The next meeting will be held Jan 11, 2016 in the EAA Hangar.


Minutes taken by Ken Hardwick. Published by ISAS Secretary Robert English.