ISAS Board Minutes

October 13, 2014


The meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM by Board Chairman Ken Hardwick.

Roll Call: Board members present were: Ken Hardwick, Hangar Lessees / Dave Ullman, EAA 292 /

Norm Rainey, North Park Annex / Mark Matthews, Polk County OPA. A quorum was present.

The minutes of the meeting were taken by Board Chair Ken Hardwick.

Others present were homeowners: Don Draeger, Harry Bladow, Mac Booth and Vince Homer.


Guests Comments: Mac Booth commented on the grass mowing along Airport Rd. This is the area between Airport Rd. and the IAHA taxiway. He commented the area looks a little unpresentable for the airport guests in the summer months. Chairman Hardwick said he would talk with IAHA President Gary VanHorn and or Mitch Swecker to discuss the situation.


Previous Minutes: The Board minutes of July 14, 2014 were approved as published.


Treasurer Report: The current balance is still $42.83.


Old Business:

-          History of ISAS. Andy Anderson was not present but was contacted by Harry Bladow. Andy said he would resume working on the document and try to have it at the next meeting in January.

-          Airport Emergency Response Team. (AERT) Dave Ullman EAA Chapter 292 Board Member is working with the city and other groups on this project. After the first of the year David will be looking for airport resident volunteers to take a 28 hour certified course to be the official first responders in the event of an emergency at 7S5.

-          Marquis Spas. Information only on new construction. No further action at this time.


New Business:

-          ISAS Treasury. David Ullman made a motion to donate the ISAS funds of $42.83 to EAA Chapter 292 to be specifically used for the Young Eagles Program. A discussion then followed. The motion passed unanimously.

-          ISAS By-Laws. The By-laws were distributed at the last board meeting for review. After some discussion it was decided that the By-laws were not in need of change.


Area Reports:

-          PCOPA. Mark Matthews reported on the recent PCOPA fly-in breakfast. The weather was good which made for a very successful activity. Everyone had a great time.

-          North Park Annex. Norm Rainey reported on the By-Laws and CC&Rs overhaul for the North Park Annex. The residents will vote on the proposed changes at the annual meeting on Oct 19th.

-          Hangar Lessees. Ken Hardwick reported on the hangar rates. Some discussion on hangar use.

-          EAA 292. Dave Ullman reported on the recent Independence Fly-In. He said the fly-in was successful in every way and plans are already being discussed for next year.


There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 7:55 PM. The next meeting will be held on January 12, 2015 at 7:00 PM at the EAA Hangar.