ISAS Group Meeting

October 16, 2006


The meeting was called to order by President Ken at 7:00 PM.  Present were: Ed Hannevig (Polk Chapter OPA), Andy Andersen (OFF), Kip Hanson (visiting), Harry Malette (FBO), Mike Pongracz (EAA), Dave Martin (IAHA), Norm Farb (ASN AOPA), Robert English, Larry Kruljac (visitor), Kelly Wilson (candidate), and Ken Hardwick (North Park).  Alan Wright (visitor) arrived later.


SECRETARY: The minutes were passed out and reviewed by those present.  Mike Pongracz made the motion to approve the minutes as published, and Ed Hannevig seconded.  All approved by voice vote.


TREASURER: Robert reported that the amount is still the same as before: $56.83.


OLD BUSINESS: Andy passed out copies of an open letter to President Ken stating the case for the establishment of an Airport Growth Boundary to protect the Independence Airport (and other airports both in cities and counties of Oregon) from future encroachment which, given the fact that the land to the west is for sale, could happen.   Andy added to that letter by saying that a growth boundary has been beneficial in other contexts, and that a State Legislature-appointed committee called the "Big Look" is investigating possible changes in Oregon Land Use Law which makes an enabling law for Airport Growth Boundary (AGB) for cities and counties timely.   Ken addressed two rumors circulating currently: first one concerned  the City's plans to extend the growth boundary to the west of the airpark, which seems to have some truth to it since the City planner (Mr. Danko) is considering a plan to rezone that area as light industrial.  The second rumor, that the property has been sold, does not seem to be true since there have been no announcements in the newspaper to that effect.  While the ODA has announced that it does not have the money to purchase this property, a motion has been passed at the State board meeting that the State wanted to be included in any and all talks about that property.  Norm said he and Ken had spoken to the Mayor about the plan for light industrial zoning, and the Mayor has said that he was of the opinion that tax revenue would be generated faster from light industrial than it would be from residential (that was considered false by those in attendance).  Existing land, already zoned as light industrial, has been sitting fallow for years.  Harry had discussed purchase options with the owner, but all he is currently interested in is selling out and moving on, and one way to forestall this possible anti-airport development is to have another airpark-friendly candidate voted on to the City Council.   Dave chimed in by saying that the ODA would definitely want to be involved in the legislative process and this would be a logical entity to approach should ISAS decide to act on Andy's proposal.  Ken stated that the next State Aviation Board meeting will be in Redmond on November 15th, and anyone wanting to discuss this issue (or any other) should attend.   Andy said he had been attending the South East Polk Area Advisory Committee, where development plans such as this usually are broached first, and he said he was looking for someone to take his place since he doesn't have the time to do this anymore: those wishing to attend this should contact him for the particulars.   Back to the letter: Mike moved that ISAS table Andy's proposal until the next meeting, take a proposal to the City about overlaying an RSA zone over the top of the land to the west, and getting the County's endorsement as well as the ODA on the idea of an airport growth boundary.   Our next scheduled meeting is the 8th of January, which was considered soon enough by those present.  Mike withdrew his motion with the idea that Andy's letter would be circulated among the various ISAS constituencies over the next several weeks to get some feedback about it.  It was stressed that this was not something the organization was pushing, rather we were only interseted in feedback.


The restaurant is open again, Dave Baker being the leaseholder.  He has stated that he would be interested in being the alternate for the FBO commercial representative for ISAS.   Harry Malette, the ISAS Board member for the commercial operators, agreed and Dave Baker was accepted as alternate.


State Hangar Lessees:  The City has a "ditch cleanout fee" that they've added onto the permit, basically adding $990.00 to the cost of the City building permits.  There is also a new regulation that sheetrock has to be added inside the hangars, though that doesn't seem to hold for hangar permits approved in the past by Polk County. 


NEW BUSINESS: Ken went down a list of what issues were raised at the previous ODA meeting, which included closure talks regarding the Arlington airport in order to place wind-driven generators on the property.  There was also some suggestion that the Nehalem Bay airport (owned by Oregon State Parks Division) may be closed because the Parks Division wants the land back for RV usage.


GOOD OF THE ORDER: Andy announced that the Oregon Flying Farmers will have their Annual Proficiency Training (APT) event on April 21 of next year.


Dave Martin stated that he was on the air at 9 AM on Saturday on low-power KPIE (94.3 FM), a show that he tapes and sends in to be aired. 


Robert stated that the server space at which the ISAS web site is being hosted will be changing over to Minet when they have their servers up and running, and they are amenable to hosting free of charge in exchange for promotional consideration.


ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 8:17 PM.  Next scheduled meeting is January 8th of next year, same place.


Respectfully submitted by Robert English, ISAS secretary.