ISAS Board Meeting Minutes

October 19, 2004


President John Conley called the meeting order at 7:08 pm., with the recognition of ISAS Board members and guests.


                    John Conley, North Annex

                    Greg Guy, leasees

                    Gary Van Horn, IAHA

                    Mike Pongracz, EAA

                    Ed Hannevig, OPA



                    Robert English

                    Carole Gabel



Upon the motion of Mike Pongracz with a second from Greg Guy, the minutes from July 15th were approved with one correction in the spelling of the President's last name. The motion was approved unanimously.

Upon the motion of Mike Pongracz with a second from Greg Guy, the minutes from August 30th were approved as presented The motion was approved unanimously.


The members, generally, did not feel prepared to adopt the proposed (Draft 2) Operating Policies. More time was wanted for review and discussion.. With the exception of the proposed Webmaster and Secretary/Treasurer duties, as noted below, the Policies will be reviewed at the next meeting for approval.

Following review and discussion, the draft Webmaster Duties proposed by Robert English were approved by consensus as presented. They will be included in the updated draft for the Operating Policies.

Secretary/Treasurer duties as proposed by Gary Van Horn were also approved by consensus as presented. They will be included in the updated draft for the Operating Policies.


Also by consensus, an AOPA liaison position should be added to the Operating Policies, under Section 7 - staffing for activities or projects.



Gary Van Horn, Secretary/Treasurer, reported that there were two checks on hand - one from Andy Andersen in the amount of $21.83 and one from John Conley (a donation received) for $10.00 - total funds available: $31.83. Gary reported there were no known liabilities.

Andy's report of previous donations and expenditures was also reviewed. Both reports were accepted by consensus, with the understanding that Gary would cash the checks and retain the funds as cash, there being no apparent need to open a checking account at this time.



John reported that he had responses from two organizations -the Oregon Department of Aeronautics and the City of Independence. He had met with Charlie Reardon of the DoA, and understood from the discussion that only the City or County would be in a position to purchase the Independence State

Airport, should it be offered for sale.

John also attended the City Council meeting regarding their agenda item on Airport acquisition. He reported that there was no interest on the part of the City in acquiring the Airport. According to the City Manager, the item had been included on the Council Agenda for information - not in response to any interest on the part of the City for acquisition. No one spoke in favor of the idea and three people spoke in opposition to it. It would seem a dead issue at this time, insofar as any interest from the City is concerned.

Following some open discussion, there was a general agreement that a better understanding of the DoA's intent with respect to their "Divestiture Policy" was needed - especially how it had to do with the Independence State Airport being on a "list" of potential sale items. In fact, a better overall understanding of exactly what this "policy" 'really means (in light of the recent and nearly complete turnover of staff and Board members at the DoA) was generally felt to be needed.

Several approaches were considered, including a lobbying approach with the Legislature now in session, a 'wait and see' approach, some active monitoring and presence at the meetings of the Board of Aeronautics. President Conley noted the importance of a measured approach, not a reactive posture.



Andy Anderson, away at the OPA Expo Meeting, noted via e-mail that there was a planned "Summit Meeting" of community organizations and governments sponsored by the Monmouth Independence Community Foundation, John McArthur, President. John will try to attend that meeting on October 23rd to see if there is any issue the ISAS Board might be interested in.

In the same note, Andy pointed out there was an organization known as the Oregon Aviation Alliance (OAA) that may be appropriate for the ISAS BoD to

join. There were, reportedly, no dues required for membership. Gary would look into the issue and see if there was more information available.

Concern was voiced over the continued operation of the Starduster Cafe. (Secretary's note: That business subsequently closed and a new proprietor has taken over the facility.)

Greg Guy reported that improper grading, and resulting drainage issues continue to be a problem on the new area being developed by DoA at the south end of the Airport. Greg reported that a "French Drain" had been installed in an attempt to mitigate water build-up.





Next meeting potentially January 18; with the understanding that quarterly meetings of the ISAS Board would probably be sufficient. More discussion will take place at that meeting as Operating Policies are discussed.


Respectfully submitted,

Gary Van Horn, Secretary/treasurer

February 10, 2005


document: minutes10-19-04.doc