7S5 Pilot Memorial 2008 Planning Meeting

November 26, 2007


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Tom Ritchie.  Present were: Andy Andersen, Pete Weber, Robert English, Dave Martin, Debra Plymate, Tom Ritchie, and Jerry Pryce.


MINUTES: The July 9th minutes were reviewed, and the motion was made to approve the minutes as read.  Dave Martin seconded.  All approved by voice vote.


CORRESPONDENCE: Thank-you letters have been sent out to those who were instrumental in helping to make the 2007 meet the success it was. 


OLD BUSINESS: There had been a mention in the "Loud and Clear" newsletter about applying early enough for due process, to satisfy the motion that had been made at the previous meeting (specifically for the benefit of Shelley Muis).


BUDGET ITEMS: Larry called tonight and gave the go-ahead to get the F-15 for next year.  Joe Brunnig has been contacted about being the guest speaker for 2008.  Pete Weber volunteered to contact Harry Malette regarding the porta-potty and whether that can be provided again next year.  The PA system had been rented for $150.00 last year, and there was some concern that it would be more in 2008.  Mr. Springer will be contacted for the possibility of borrowing his PA so the budget won't have to spring for renting one.  Chris Portal, who is the EC at the Convention Center, might also have a line on a PA system that can be borrowed.  Copies of last year's posters were passed around, made up by IMAGE Printing, and there was some discussion about keeping the cost down.  Lois Martin was suggested as someone who might put one together.  Emails to the FBOs were evaluated as to whether they were effective or not.  Ads within the State "Prop Wash" newsletter usually wind up in the trash; a more effective promotion method needs to be found.  Printing the programs worked out O  for last year.  Andy volunteered to contact Farnstrom's again regarding next year's program.


LABOR REVIEW: The flag pole worked out well last year.  Tom volunteered to take care of the flags again for 2008.  Andy passed out a list, which is added to on an ongoing basis, of pilots and crew in Oregon who have died since May 20.  This list was reviewed with an eye toward what kind of recognition would be appropriate for each one.  The AMVets provided the signs last year, and they are still in the EAA hangar so they can be used again next year.  EAA volunteers will probably be conscripted to help with the parking because the wind-tunnel experiments got their attention last time.  The Scouts will be available for the flag ceremony, and some of them are a bit young to be directing traffic so the dads will be contacted regarding the possibility of getting some labor to direct parking traffic for next year.  Tables and chairs from the OPA and EAA can be provided again as before; the January meeting of the OPA will have this item on their agenda.  The podium should be available from Rod Gabel, but since he wasn't here Andy said he would talk to him.  Ron Hanna handled air traffic and there was some question as to whether he would be available in 2008.  Dave said he would check with him after he returns.  Debra Plymate said that she had some experience with radio work and might be available to help Ron.  All agreed that it would be a welcome addition.  The busses will be requested again; Dave said that the bus drivers weren't available for the YMCA busses last year, but there was mention of two busses at Ross so this was noted as a possible alternative.  The 99s have not been contacted yet, though Debra said she was a member and that she would ask about the group's availability and plans for the event.  Dennis Krummel has had another knee operation and has not been contacted yet regarding his plans to lead the Missing Man Formation for '08.  Pete said he would contact the Coast Guard again regarding their part in the fly-over, though he would probably not be here for the event itself due to time conflicts.  The 99s will be contacted regarding their concession stand for ice cream, bottled water, etc., and the restaurant should be open for the event (the issues between the landlord, Bobby Muis, and the proprietor have been resolved to the satisfaction of all parties).  The question of Fred Krieg and the hot-air balloons, especially with the public publicity that might generate, was discussed, but the ballooning group wanted the propane donated which is not possible.  Balloons were considered to be more of a good idea for the pancake breakfasts, which are a festive occasion, rather than Memorial Day which is more somber and dignified.  Regarding the possibility of a Blackhawk helicopter, Pete said that there is a new officer in charge so he will have to start from scratch to request that one show up as part of the 2008 event.  The music medley that was received so well at the '07 event will be redone to reflect the survivors who will be present in 2008.


ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 8:22 PM.  The next meeting was scheduled for January 28, 2008, at 7:00 in the Gabel's hangar like usual.


Respectfully submitted by Robert English, ISAS secretary.