Independence, Oregon

View from the left seat…….

Dear fellow airport users;

Yesterday, we convened an executive ISAS session, the main topic was the proposal by Andy Anderson of his “vision 20-20” which will be presented to the general users at the ISAS quarterly meeting on June 5, 2003, 3pm, Gabels hangar, hope to see you there.

Andys’ vision centers around his desire to have Capitol Manner build an assisted living facility just west of the airport, and perhaps some condos, even discussion of a golf course. I know this will be a hot topic, my feedback indicates that there are three major groups of individuals concerned with this project. One group is very pro development, wants to have direct input into the process; one group is totally indifferent, and a third is in favor of remaining status quo, with no encroachment.

I would like to offer brief points to ponder, than ask you to either attend the June meeting, or e-mail me with your thoughts.

Pro Development : If and only if development is will occur on the west side of the airport, what development is compatible with the rights of enjoyment of the airport, and will preclude conflict with airport activity in the future…….How will noise, congestion, pets, children, loss of forced landing sites impact the users…….

Indifferent: Once the development ball gets rolling, it is often impossible to stop, so don’t be a fence sitter. At this meeting, we hope to have representatives from the City, County and the Mid Willamette Valley Council of Governments on hand to answer questions.

Against: Be aware, the Oregon House has passed House Bill 2689, now poised to go to the Senate. This bill would allow land use change, from the current Exclusive Farm Use to allow potential sub division and development. The land west of the airport is currently Exclusive Farm Use, subject to change. Anyone with strong feelings on this, for or against are encouraged to contact their representatives as this has already passed the House and will go to the Senate soon.

Commentary: As past president of Dietz Airpark, we were a close knit aviation community until several of the homes were sold to non-aviation people. Then the complaints started, some wanted curfew on flying during certain hours, and a lack of support for any expenditures for runway and taxiway maintenance or improvement, as it was of no benefit to them.

Airports all across America are closing at an alarming rate, one only has to read AOPA magazine to see what uncontrolled growth and encroachment has done to our nations General Aviation airports. The main reason for closure is the perceived lack of economic value of the airport relative to the encroaching development, and usage complaints from the surrounding residents.

House Bill 2689 to repeal the Exclusive Farm Usage was sponsored by Rep. Tootie Smith of Molalla, (503) 986-1418. Opposition to the bill is being represented in part by “1000 friends of Oregon” (503) 497-1000 contact Randy Tucker, cell (503) 481-9455.

Please come to the meeting or e-mail me with your thoughts, I know that the crew can usually come up with better solutions than just the Captain acting alone, so feedback is vital!!!

Warmest Regards,

Gary Brown
Chairman – ISAS

Updated 05-22-03