7:00 p.m. January 22, 2015




Welcome and call to order – 7:00 p.m.


Secretary’s Report – Approval of Minutes from December 2014 Annual Meeting


Comments or questions from IAHA residents attending the meeting


·      Norm Farb – regarding AOPA Airpark Article

·      Carole Krieg – Arbitration-Mediation Subcommittee Report


Treasurer’s Report


·      Keith Moes – possible 2015 Budget Draft


Architectural Committee Report


Maintenance Committee Report


President’s Report – A work plan/agenda for 2014:


·        Bylaw updates – Last year a goal was established to review “plain language” version adopted 15 years ago and the possible inclusion of new issues and authority.  We now have an Arbitration-Mediation Subcommittee in place to address the issue of Dispute Resolution but we have not yet addressed the plain language issue.

·        Initiation of a more formal budget process has occurred for 2015.

·        A formal (engineering?) review of Taxiway Health and long-range planning for the Taxiways was initiated and a more formal approach will be followed in 2015


Other Board member reports and/or comments for the Good of the Order


·        Tabled motion regarding Taxiway crack sealing issue and lodging of a complaint with the State Contractor Board.