IAHA Board Meeting

January 22, 2015


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by President Gary. Present were: Dave Martin, John Horn, Craig Cowles, Robert English, Gary Van Horn, Alan Wright, Gail Hill, and Herb Jolliff. The mediation committee members (Carole Krieg, Adele Adelman, Lois Martin and Vince Homer) were also present, as was former treasurer Keith Moes. Guests this evening: Gloria Butch from the City of Independence, Henry Bartle, and Jake Theissen.


SECRETARY: Robert said that he had edited the December 7 minutes to include Gary's notes to further outline the history behind the mediation panel formation; these can be found under the “panel discussion” section in those minutes. No one had seen the newly revised minutes yet, so the Board members made the decision to review it when they got home and make the decision to comment and/or approve by email.


COMMENTS FROM IAHA RESIDENTS ATTENDING: John Horn asked Henry Bartle what his plans were for relocating his work to the professional side of the airport. Henry said he is in the process of moving all of his projects to his professional hangar, and his wife was the one to make him move his operations. He hopes to get that finished by this summer. The only exception will be painting work, since the State cannot allow painting on the professional side. Jeannie Wildman will share the hangar space with his operations in the same professional hangar. Gail Hill asked for clarification about the painting, and Gary asked about it also. Henry’s answer was that paints with solvents in them, enamels and lacquers, are against State regulations to apply in a professional hangar, and Henry said that his own hangar was actually the only place he could paint an airplane legally. This point will require further research.


Gloria Butch, the finance officer from the City, said she will be at the ISAS meeting next week regarding the water rates for the hangars that will be going up this year. She will be bringing the City analyst with her to explain this further, including a comparison chart showing other communities and what they charge. The storm drain issue is under review by the City engineer Mike Danko, and his presentation to the Airpark community will be forthcoming at another time.


Carole Krieg described the formation and mission of the mediation committee, and a flow-chart showing the decision-making process was passed around to the Board members. One of the main concerns she had was that there should be no dirty laundry aired, but solid factual statements made before the committee in order for them to be heard and acted upon. Questions came up about specific sections of the flow-chart, and it was explained that this was a working version of the chart and the entire picture will be clearer as the committee continues to discuss the process. Dave Martin summarized one of the end-processes of this committee is to write a new passage for the CC&Rs to "put some teeth" into the regulations, which will be voted on by the general membership when it is ready. Gary asked if the committee would have a preliminary report ready by March, and the indication was positive.


TREASURER: Gail passed around a summary of the past year's financial activity. She said that Herb had discovered a discrepancy amounting to $63.00 with the ODA fees, so a check will be written to the ODA to cover this shortfall with an explanation that we had audited our own books and uncovered this amount.  There were checks continuing to come in for homeowners dues, and an email notice has been sent through the Block Herald network to catch the stragglers who have not paid yet.


Keith Moes passed around a budget, a work in progress, showing the years 2010 through projected 2016. By bringing data forward from previous years, and estimating future ones, we have a better idea about how much room there is in the existing financial structure for a paving project for the taxiways that John Horn is planning. Once the maintenance plan is in place, then using this budget we will know how much more money we might need. More work is necessary, both on this budget and on the maintenance plan, to make sure that the Board has done their homework before we go any further. The Board will be evaluating and sending comments to Keith by email, and by the next meeting in April this budget should be finalized.


ARCHITECTURAL: Dave said that there were two hangar projects in 2014 that got underway; the Ullmans and the Plymates are both building as of now. There are no new projects before the committee.


MAINTENANCE: Craig outlined what needs to happen in 2015; Lynn McDonald will be mowing the south end and Craig will do the spraying and mowing with the diesel tractor on the rest of the IAHA properties. Asphalt work will now be handled by John Horn. John then stated his plan for asphalt work, starting in March, with bid solicitation by May and work to start in July. Salem Sealcoat did a good job on the North Airpark taxiways, so they will certainly be considered when it is time to solicit bids. There was a question about moles on the south end, and further discussion centered around who would be properly licensed to deal with these critters.


Gary presented the question about who would be the actual head of the maintenance committee, since Craig does not want to handle the asphalt part of the operations. John has agreed to fill in on the asphalt part of the job, though the ByLaws stipulate that the Maintenance chairman needs to handle (or at least delegate) all the aspects of the job. Gary asked that the Board work on this issue and have some feedback for him at the April meeting.


PRESIDENT'S REPORT: The plain language issue can be looked at this year, as well as continuing the good work that Keith has started with the budgetary process.


ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 8:57 PM. The next meeting is set for Thursday, April 23, at the EAA hangar at 7:00 PM. Respectfully submitted by Robert English, IAHA secretary.