IAHA Meeting

January 23, 2014


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by President Gary. Present were: Gail Hill, Herb Jolliff, Gary Van Horn, Dave Martin, and Kelly Wilson and Craig Cowles. Matt Maas, Keith Moes and Norm Rainey were also in attendance. Board members Alan Wright, Robert English and John Horn were out of town. Robert had asked Dave Martin to record the meeting to transcribe later when he returns. Resident Dave Ullman attended this evening’s meeting.


SECRETARY: the minutes from the previous meeting were posted on-line as a draft. Herb moved that the minutes be approved as posted, and Gail seconded. All approved by voice vote.


TREASURER: Gail passed out copies of her year-end report summarizing 2013. Currently there is only one property that is not paying homeowner dues, and there is now a lien on that property for the amount owed.  Money market account is only earning 1.5 percent interest so there is very little interest income for the year. Gail also said that this would be her last year as Treasurer and, following some discussion regarding the tax accountant advice to hold depositing annual  checks until after January 1st, she noted that  whoever takes over the job can be responsible for the 2015 checks.  Follow-up on the soundness of this advice and/or potential alternatives for accounting is pending.


ARCHITECTURE: The Ullmans have moved into their house on Aeronca, but other than that there has been nothing to report.


MAINTENANCE: Craig explained the maintenance of the tractor used to mow and edge around the collective properties, publicly thanked Lynn McDonald for helping him to keep the grass mowed, and also the spray that he purchases to control weeds at the airpark. He had just purchased two jugs of spray for the weeds and submitted the bill to Gail for reimbursement, thanking her for being accessible and timely in paying reimbursements.


PRESIDENT’S REPORT: Gary had several issues to share with the Board for consideration during 2014.  The first one was whether or not there was interest in updating our By-Laws and CC&Rs.  Norm Rainey said that the North Park CC&Rs and By-Laws are in the process of being rewritten pro-bono by third-year student interns from Willamette University Law School and that a contribution to the School is expected for the assistance. Gary’s focus is to make the existing statues more enforceable. There was lots of discussion about the clarity that the newer (“plain English”) versions have relative to the old ones. Gail said that the best thing to do is to start with the CC&Rs and then the By-Laws and make them more congruent with each other. Norm said the hardest part is getting the 80 percent approval of the general membership for the changes after all the work is done.


The second issue Gary raised was to establish a rough plan for a more formal budgeting process, specifically for the major expenses such as taxiway maintenance. The discussion that followed underscored how essential this was, if only to make sure the Association is solvent at each stage. There were no objections.


The third issue was a suggestion for a long-range engineering plan for taxiway maintenance, saying that the system has lasted longer than anticipated since it has been well cared for over the years (and especially for some time now by Craig and Lynn), though it certainly won’t last forever. Discussion ensued about what information needs to be gathered before proceeding, including what timetable is needed for complete replacement of the taxiways, and what engineers should be consulted. Craig said he would contact some State Highway engineers he has consulted in the past to see if there is an opportunity for assistance from their shop.


Gary said that these issues need to be considered more formally at the April meeting; Board members should be prepared to make decisions or provide direction on them at that time.


NEW BUSINESS: Gary and Norm had a meeting with Matt Maas from the ODA regarding a number of issues including the newest FAA compliance letter, and Matt took the floor to let people know that from the ODA perspective Independence Airport is currently in compliance.  A document detailing to the FAA regulations, edited down to specifically pertain to this airport, will be forthcoming. It will be sent to the two Associations and will be distributed by them to their members – Matt noted that the Access Agreements are with the Associations and not the individual members.


Replacing or repairing the existing gate at the north end of Airport Road was also a topic that Matt Maas addressed. He said the issue is transient people coming on to the Airport or taxiway, and not really the presence or absence of a gate. It was Matt’s position that there should be something easier and less expensive than replacement of the existing gate, such as a partnership which has been used at other airports (Aurora for example), since the ODA is strapped for cash. Lots of discussion centered around details such as where property lines are between City and State property which Matt noted includes the whole of Airport Road. Gary summarized by saying if it works out where IAHA partners with the State to make sure the taxiways are free from encroachment, then IAHA can deed over the gate to the State and it becomes the State’s responsibility to maintain it. 


Matt also mentioned the “airport improvement plan,” to be implemented over the next five years, including fencing for the perimeter of the airport. Elk recently photographed on the Airport taxiway is a sign that there should be more in place than there is currently. The FAA is willing to pay for this fence to help deter animals or people from wandering onto the taxiway. Matt also said that he did not expect the fencing plan to require gates at the Taxiway Access points for Homeowner aircraft.


GOOD OF THE ORDER: Keith Moes noted that after the last snowstorm in December he noted that someone had left both gates open to the taxiways and driven their car to “cut cookies” (i.e. make shapes in the snow with their tires).


Gary asked everyone present to think about whether or not the Airpark needs or wants an ongoing newsletter. We have not had one for over a year. Feedback at the meeting indicated that it wasn’t really missed, that the block herald system works pretty well for most things. This issue will also be on the April Agenda.


Kelly had a question regarding the junk cars parked in a certain neighbor’s yard. City ordinances pertain only to unlicensed vehicles, and each one of these vehicles is licensed even though they don’t move. Gary said this was one of the reasons he would like to see the By-Laws revised, so they have more teeth in situations like this.


ADJOURNMENT: Meeting was adjourned at 8:26 PM. Next meeting is April 24 at the EAA hangar. Submitted by Robert English, secretary, transcribed from recording made by Dave Martin.