IAHA Board Meeting

January 24, 2019


The meeting was called to order by President Gary at 6:58 PM. Present were John Horn, Al & Margaret Cleveland, Robert English, Gary Van Horn and Kelly Wilson. Herb Jolliff, Alan Wright and Dave Martin were out of town and could not attend.


SECRETARY: The minutes from the December meeting have been posted on the website for a little over a month. Margaret moved to approve the minutes and Al seconded. All Board members present approved by voice vote.


TREASURER: Margaret introduced a new community member, Jessica Jackovich, who occupies the new house on Mooney. She then got out the reports she generated regarding the 2018 summary and read the bottom-line figures to those attending. Signatures for the special account to hold the yearly assessment are going to be gathered. She proposed to combine the savings and checking account since we hardly get any interest in the savings account, and the special assessment will be moved to its own special account. John made the motion to approve this plan and Kelly seconded. There were some questions after that regarding rates of interest, which Gary will be gathering for Margaret so the special assessment can gather some interest. All Board members present approved by voice vote.


She passed out a sheet she made of a proposed budget for 2019, showing averages of the last few years also. The purpose of this is to set a maximum amount for each category, and anything exceeding that proposal would come before the Board for evaluation. There were some mathematical errors in the generated report which were corrected on the spot. The bottom-line figures were not affected by those errors. John moved to approve the budget for the coming year and Al seconded. All Board members present approved by voice vote.


There were seven new neighbors who have not gone through escrow so they did get their copies of the CC&Rs or ByLaws. Certified letters have been sent to each for them to sign and return stating that they have read and understand the CC&Rs and ByLaws for the Airpark. Essentially they are bound by those CC&RS and ByLaws whether they agree to them or not.


ARCHITECTURE: Dave was not present this evening, but he did write up a report regarding the houses that do not yet have connections to the taxiway in the form of a pad for an airplane or a hangar. That document can be read here.


MAINTENANCE: No report at this time.


PRESIDENT'S REPORT: Gary started with a summation of the recent MiNet outage, saying they have known about aging equipment for five years, and the MiNet Board finally approved and staff have started upgrading the system this year. There is more equipment to buy, and they set aside some money to provide for that, so replacement of old failing equipment is ongoing.


Gary had positive things to say about the new City Manager, as well as the new member of the City Council Board. Gary also stated that he has reactivated his early application for a seat on the Council since one of the members on it has moved to another city.





ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 7:21 PM to be followed by an executive session. Next meeting date is April 25th at 7:00 p.m. in the EAA Hangar. Respectfully submitted by Robert English, IAHA secretary.