IAHA Board Meeting

January 25, 2007


The meeting was called to order by President John Horn at 7:00 PM.  Present were: Craig Cowles, Dave Martin, John Horn, Robert English, John McCoy, Alan Wright, Kattie Altman, and Jim Kirkendall.  Guests in attendence: Andy Andersen, Norm and Rita Farb, Lynn McDonald, Louis Smith, and Henry Bartle.


BOARD MEMBER REPORTS: Most who had things to say already had reports ready to go under the heading of "new business".  Jim reported that there had been a lumber truck that used that taxiway to make a delivery of wood for a hangar project, and they had been warned.  Alan concurred that there were problems with people driving cars on the taxiways lately.


OLD BUSINESS: Dave Martin brought an example of the signs; two have been put in with the steel posts, and the others will be installed when the water table goes down enough to allow the post holes to be drilled.  There is one sign left over, and there were some suggestions to put it up at the swinging gate near the restaurant (which has a lock on it now).  Three of the signs will go in on the North End.  Volunteers were conscripted for the task, and it will be completed when the weather permits. 


NEW BUSINESS: John Horn said that he and Dave Martin went to the Legislature earlier in the week and testified in favor of a bill which would impose a six-month warning before an airport can be closed.


Louis Smith had some concerns about liability about the walkway that parallels his hangar.  He asked if the IAHA would sign a revocable license, or take out some liability insurance, in case someone gets hurt on it.  John Horn said that the consensus of the Association was that neither option was workable, but the notion of "prescriptive rights" could be invoked which might answer some of the concerns.  The concern of the board was that all of the walkways need to be treated the same, insured or not.  The ones on the South End were put in by the developer, with no one owning the property underneath the walkway, and the others toward the North are straddling property lines.  John asked Louis if he could bring a letter outlining what he believes needs to be done, and the Association would consult with an attorney, in order to come to an agreeable conclusion within 30 days.  Alan said that if there was an agreement then there would be a second visit to the attorney, which would require another board meeting to OK.  Dave Martin made the motion with the proviso that the cash limit of $400.00 be placed on the attorney's fees.  Jim Kirkendall seconded.  All approved by voice vote.


TREASURER: John McCoy passed around the balance sheet for the year of 2006.  The homeowner's dues collections are doing about the same as the last two years, with a few of the homeowners lagging behind, and even though the penalty is in effect John McCoy wanted the flexibility to wait to see what the collections look like after the ten day grace period before he imposes any penalties. 


ARCHITECTURAL: Jim had three names to add to the Committee and asked for a vote to include them: Kelly Wilson, Carol Krieg and Carole Gabel.  Dave Martin moved and Alan Wright seconded.  All approved by voice vote.  The fence to the south, on Skyline taxiway, which needed to be lowered by 4 feet (see the minutes of the October meeting) was also discussed: Henry Bartle said that an agreement had been reached, and when the weather got better the work would proceed.


MAINTENANCE: Craig said he now has three people on the committee to help with the tasks around the airpark.  He also said that maintaining the equipment during the winter has consumed the $200 budget, and made a motion to increase the budget to $400.  Dave Martin seconded.  Discussion around this motion led to its being withdrawn and reworded as an increase in the "petty cash fund", which Dave Martin also seconded.  After discussion, all approved this motion by voice vote to increase the "petty cash fund" to $400.00.  There was some continuing discussion about the slurry coating, mostly about the bidding process, and Kattie suggested that a report be made up listing several slurry coating companies and how much each company charges per square foot, so that anyone in the airpark who asks about the bidding process can be shown this report.  Craig said he would put one together.  John McCoy asked whether Craig anticipated any expenses not normally covered, and Henry said that there would be some gravel work on the South Side so one truckload of gravel will be the only extra cost anticipated this year.


GOOD OF THE ORDER: Andy Andersen had a report about the bill (currently in draft) allowing for an "airport growth boundary", up to a three mile perimeter around a runway.  The bill is now before a "legislator council", to check the language in it, and it goes into committee after that. Andy said he would keep us posted.


Jim Kirkendall had a word to add about the City's "buildable land inventory" which will be completed soon: the City is supposed to have enough buildable land within its boundary to last for 20 years of growth.  Even though the buildable land boundary might extend into new territory, such as the 190 acres to the West, there would have to be many public hearing on the subject before any movement might be made to include it within official City Limits.


ADJOURNMENT: Motion was made to adjourn by John McCoy.  Kattie Altman seconded.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:16 PM.


Respectfully submitted by Robert English, secretary