IAHA Board Meeting

January 25, 2018


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by President Gary. Present were: Alan Wright, John Horn, Al & Margaret Cleveland, Gary Van Horn, Robert English and Dave Martin. There were also some residents present as visitors.


SECRETARY: The draft minutes for the December meeting have been posted on the website since last month. Margaret moved they be accepted as presented, and John Horn seconded. All approved.


COMMENTS FROM RESIDENTS: Visitor Wayne Nutsch repeated the comments he had made during the December meeting regarding the Savage property and the enforcement that may be necessary to make it less of an eyesore. He asked that the Homeowners Association bring any power to bear on this that it could, citing existing IAHA CC&R regulations (Article 4 section 7) regarding stored vehicles on the property. President Gary stated that the arbitration process will be discussed concerning this matter at the executive session later this evening. The member was asked to add a letter of his own to the existing complaint already on file with IAHA regarding the Savage property. Discussion followed regarding this property among the other members who were present. The mediation/arbitration method will be tried first.


TREASURER: Margaret compiled the bank statements and check stubs into a new report that took six weeks to assemble. She stated we had to keep three years worth of records on file by law, and these three years are now in her system electronically. Keith Moes will be auditing the records as he has before.


The taxes are done for 2017 and they will be signed and sent in before the deadline to the State.


A little over half of the homeowners have sent in their yearly dues payments, and the remaining homeowners have a week left before a late fee is assessed on their dues.


Gary commented that we do not have a written policy regarding how the financial records are kept, so he will ask Keith Moes and Margaret to get together with him to craft a financial policy for IAHA. There was no objection to this. Gary said he would "surprise" Keith with this plan.


ARCHITECTURAL: The Moes property on Stearman has received approval from the Committee to build their new home there, and the Harris house on Luscombe is nearing completion including final paint. They will be pouring a ramp and tie-down once the ground is dry enough.


MAINTENANCE: Chairman Al reported that all equipment is in storage and ready for Spring. New signs for the taxiways are getting made for replacing the ones that have fallen into disrepair.


Al also reported on the recent ODA meeting: the fence around the airpark is supposed to go in this year, and when it does there will have to be a new arrangement regarding the mowing of the grass in the median strip (one half will be on the State side of the fence). The specifics of the fence is still in discussion, not etched in stone at this point.


PRESIDENT'S REPORT: Gary presented a "to-do" list, involving the new language to write for the new measure that passed in December as well as the record-keeping policy discussed above.


BOARD MEMBER REPORTS: John Horn spoke about the ODA putting together a "master plan" regarding Independence Airport (7S5), a 20-year roadmap with a schedule that will be approved by the FAA and funding 90% of the work called for in the master plan. If any project is not in the master plan there will be no money for it, so the "open house" meetings to be held before it gets finished are vital to attend. John covered specific points which were in discussion at this meeting, impressing on those present at tonight's meeting to attend these future open houses to be sure all concerns are heard. March 28 is the next scheduled ODA meeting, downtown at City Hall, and there will be an announcement closer to that date in the Block Herald email system.


Gary confirmed that it will take a majority of the airpark to make sure that the desires of the residents are reflected in the coming master plan, so attendance is encouraged for these ODA meetings.


GOOD OF THE ORDER: Margaret stated there would be three properties in escrow right now so there would be more people coming into the neighborhood. There was no current info as to whether they were airplane people or not. There was a new neighbor present at tonight’s meeting who introduced himself and the members present officially made him welcome.


EXECUTIVE SESSION: After adjournment of the Board meeting at 7:58 PM, the executive session began at 8:10 PM. The decision was made to consult with the Police Chief about City or County codes and then send the offending party a letter starting the dispute resolution process, giving him 15 calendar days to respond.


ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 9:10 PM. Next scheduled meeting is April 26, 7:00 PM, at the EAA hangar. Respectfully submitted by Robert English, secretary.