IAHA Board Meeting

January 26, 2017


The board was called to meeting at 7:00 PM by President Gary. Present were: Alan Wright, Gary Van Horn, Robert English, Dave Martin, John Horn, and Kelly Wilson. Bruce Patton from the North Park was a guest of the Board, and new City Council members Ken Day and Michael Hicks were also present this evening as well as Steve and Anne Sheck. Dave Ullman was present to speak for the taxiway subcommittee. Margaret and Al Cleveland, as well as Herb Jolliff, were absent and excused.


SECRETARY: The minutes for the December meeting have been posted as a draft. John Horn and Dave Martin moved and seconded approval of the minutes as posted. All present approved. Gary asked that the list of people that he thanked be included in the minutes, and Robert agreed to do so.


TREASURER: Margaret Cleveland was not present this evening, though she did provide a full statement of accounts for the Board to review. It showed the balance difference between the beginning and ending of 2016 (a difference of minus $135.64) indicating the balances were essentially stable after the year's activity. Gary read an email from Margaret saying that the figures had been submitted to the accountant, and the total tax on our non-profit was nominal the accountant's fee for filling out the forms was something that needed to be paid. She is available by email for questions.


COMMENTS FROM ATTENDEES: The new members of the City Council introduced themselves and gave a brief thumbnail of their history with the Community. Ken Day mentioned that there were some vacancies in the Minet Finance Committee, and he invited people at the meeting this evening to consider signing up for that.


ARCHITECTURAL COMMITTEE: Dave said there were two properties here that he was concerned about: on Luscombe Street, purchased by the Richardsons, the lot is situated is oddly shaped which makes planning a hangar and access to the taxiway difficult. Dave passed around his phone which showed a picture of the lot. The taxiway, in Dave's estimation, needs to be angled and extended far enough East in order to make planning easier for the hangar entry. A surveyor and a contractor need to weigh in on this matter.


There were questions on this first concern; when this will start, and whether the part of this job involving the taxiway extension can be rolled into the taxiway project that the Board is considering.


The second concern is the sidewalk adjacent to 783 Cessna. The driveway used to be the entry point for bicycle traffic, but it is now owned and no longer vacant, so there have been some near-collisions between bicycles and their car. The bicycle traffic should be diverted but there is a drain grate where the new curb would be. A sinkhole in this area is being fixed by the City, but the drain is not being moved. It would require widening the straight path and putting a new curb there so bicycles would not have to divert on the driveway.


Discussion about this second concern centered around logistics, getting a bid, and the telephone junction box that is definitely not going to move. The City has no objection to our obtaining permits to the modifications that work. The grate can be more thoroughly covered to keep bicycle wheels from catching on them.


Dave made a motion to continue looking into the cost of each of these projects, getting a bid on fixing the ramp. John Horn seconded. There was no objection, the motion passed.


MAINTENANCE COMMITTEE: Al Cleveland had emailed a report to the other Board members, as he could not attend this evening. The mower is being worked on, motor work as well as blades sharpened etc., and should be in good shape for the Spring. Weed control will commence in late March. The north/south walkway adjacent to Amos' house needs research as to whether this concrete is in need of service.


Dave Ullman then spoke about the taxiway plan, passing out a draft of their current agenda. It included a list of people who contributed information toward the report, and Dave gave a synopsis of the background on each of them. The report as it stands now just has baseline facts, and is to be filled in further as work progresses. Boring holes for core samples, to gain intelligence about the substrate, is an important step before any further planning. Asphalt prices are very low right now, about 50% lower than it was five years ago, so timing could be very good for a full job. Part of the plan as it stands is to be fully compliant with Oregon law throughout the process and afterward.


Dave Martin made a motion for the Committee to spend up to $6,000.00 for engineering research in regard to the core samples etc. There was lots of discussion about various points in the report as it stands now, mostly about whether the substrate would be consistent even on the same taxiway. There needed to be some checks and balances on how that research money was spent. There were also questions of drainage and how inconsistent this will be from property to property. John Horn seconded the motion. Gary suggested amending the motion to include the recommendation of the maintenance chairman (this allows oversight of what is spent). There was no objection, so the motion passed.


PRESIDENT'S REPORT: Gary had sent an email out regarding the City's cannabis plant site review, which included a twelve-day deadline for submitting an appeal. Discussion centered around whether the money could be approved for the lawyers to submit an appeal within that deadline. The lawyers had told us to wait for this moment to file an appeal, and this appears to be our one shot to file. John suggested that the lawyers should be able to do this for $2,500.00. There is a fee for filing the appeal, $200.00, but if the filer wins the appeal the money is refunded. There was lots of discussion around this issue. Gary said he would call Mike Danko at the City offices tomorrow to get a clarification on the 12 day Appeal-filing deadline.


John Horn made a motion to approve up to $2,500.00 to file this appeal, and Alan Wright seconded. More discussion centered around the best way to present the appeal, predominant issues, etc. One objection was noted, motion was approved by all others present.




GOOD OF THE ORDER: None to report this evening.


ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 8:43 PM. Next meeting is on April 27, at the EAA hangar at 7:00 PM. Respectfully submitted by Robert English, IAHA secretary.