IAHA Board Meeting

22 April 2021


CALL TO ORDER: President Gary called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM. Present were: Alan Wright, Kelly Wilson, John Horn, Herb Jolliff, Al & Margaret Cleveland, Gary Van Horn and Robert English. Dave Martin was not present. Several guests were in attendance.


SECRETARY: The draft minutes from the previous meeting of 22 October 2020 have been posted online since then. Herb made the motion to approve the minutes as posted, and John seconded. All approved, motion carried.


QUESTIONS FOR THE BOARD: Henry Bartle asked how the taxiway maintenance fund has been going; Margeret took up that answer in her report which followed. There was also a question about what the board insurance policy covers, and Gary explained that it covered taxiway mishaps and any Board liability issues (which will be covered later in the President's Report).


TREASURER: Margaret passed around her annual report for 2020, explaining the expenses over the previous year and how much had been collected for the taxiway maintenance fund up to this point. She also mentioned the interest earned on the various accounts, the economy is such that the interest has been low on these accounts. Overall, there does not seem to be any need to increase the budget for the coming year. 17 lots have not paid their dues for the year and will be receiving notices that they will be going into lien status on 1 May. The ODA payment and the insurance payment are the major upcoming expenses. Five lots will be closing escrow and there will be new neighbors soon.


ARCHITECTURE: Dave did not attend this evening, and there has been no new construction.


MAINTENANCE: For 2020 there was some mowing, weeding and spraying; Lynn McDonald and Larry Evans have helped in those tasks. Al received 3 official concerns regarding plant setback incursions on the taxiways; no names mentioned, but Al will be working with each of them to get them taken care of. Al stated that borders will have to be enforced before the taxiway maintenance starts; there will be a Block Herald announcement sent out by Al later which will explain the vegetation setbacks, so people can be alerted early.


Al also announced the purchase of a new pressure washer; the old 1800PSI one has given up, and a 4000PSI one has been purchased as a replacement (it was within budget, and we got a discount on this).


PRESIDENT'S REPORT: Gary stated that treasurer Margaret has been working as the Social chair, and that since summer is coming (and Margaret will not be here then) he asked if someone could help organize the yearly Ice Cream Social. Gary went on after that to read a prepared statement which read as follows:


For your information, a lawsuit has been filed by an IAHA couple against another IAHA couple and the Independence Airpark Homeowners Association. The complaint and related material are public records and are available at the Polk County Courthouse. The assigned case designation is: Polk County Case No. 21CV04412. Interested parties may access the complaint as well as other documents for their reading pleasure.


The Board’s efforts were unsuccessful to resolve this issue before the complaint was filed on February 5, 2021. As you are aware, providing detail about a pending lawsuit is not advised and the IAHA Board has decided not to comment regarding the ongoing lawsuit to the extent provided here regarding access to the public court records. Upon conclusion of this lawsuit and to the extent allowed, we will provide the IAHA general membership with information concerning the resolution. 


GOOD OF THE ORDER: Kathleen Hill asked that there should be a delay sending out the illustration that Al wanted to include in his Block Herald announcement, since there was some fine print attached to that which is being contested.


The Board wishes to thank the retiring and departing Block Heralds Margaret  Wilson and Kaaren McGlynn for their work over the years, as well as Donna Bartle and her cleaning crew which is helping to keep Stryker Road free of litter.


ADJOURNMENT: Gary adjourned the meeting at 7:30 PM. Next scheduled meeting is Thursday, 22 July, at 7:00 PM in the EAA hangar. Respectfully submitted by Robert English, secretary.




SUMMARY of EXECUTIVE SESSION, 8 February 2021 (via Zoom):


Dave made the motion to hire an attorney, with a limit of $10,000.00, and Al seconded. While there was discussion about how much it might cost in total, the $10,000.00 was acknowledged as a starting figure. There was no objection; the motion was approved.