IAHA Board Meeting

April 24, 2007


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM.  Present were: Dave Martin, Craig Cowles, John McCoy, Jim Kirkendall, John Horn, Alan Wright, and Robert English.  Guests in attendance: Dick Wildman, Andy Andersen, Fred Krieg, Lynn McDonald, Richard and MaryAnn Mose, and Phyllis Upright.


SECRETARY: Dave Martin moved to approve the minutes as sent, John McCoy seconded. All approved by voice vote.


TREASURER: John McCoy passed out a financial report for the first three months of this year.  Due to the penalty that was written into the CC&Rs for late payment of fees, people paid more attention to the due date and there are no dues payments outstanding.


MAINTENANCE: Craig passed out projected maintenance fees for the taxiways, including estimates from the contractor for the square footage of slurry coating and gravel where needed (the Musketeer taxiway was singled out for needing gravel repair due to people using different types of gravel along the edges).  The total estimated repair bill is $6,688.  The tractor and weed-whacker have been overhauled and maintained where necessary.  There followed a discussion about cracks and how to repair them, which involves cutting that section out of the taxiway and repaving. 


OLD BUSINESS: The sidewalk issue with Louis Smith has died down, and President John said that it would be in the Board's best interest to let this issue alone.  The attorney was consulted and, according to them, we would prevail in the event that a suit was to come out of this issue.  Alan had some concern about the size of the attorney's bill for consultation, and said that he could discuss it with them, but in order to keep a working relationship with this lawyer Alan recommended we pay the bill.  John McCoy agreed that the bill should be paid, but in future wanted the attorney's understanding beforehand that the Board had a financial ceiling.  Alan reiterated that this law firm has stood by us during the negotiations with the ODA and have been extremely helpful.  Jim Kirkendall made the motion that the bill be paid, and John McCoy seconded.  All approved by voice vote.  Alan further suggested that the documentation about who put the sidewalks in originally be gathered and kept in the event that this issue ever comes to a head.  Andy said he had those documents in his computer.  Guest Dick Wildman said he would like to see another sidewalk put in adjacent to his property, and Dick Martin volunteered to gather the information necessary to get this work started.


NEW BUSINESS: The issue of enforcement of the CC&Rs was raised by Dave Martin, specifically concerning the recent pole building constructed (by Denton Honbeck) despite the prohibition of such buildings written into the existing CC&Rs.  The broader issue has to do with what kinds of structures the membership would be willing to fight legally: if any particular structure wasn't worth bringing suit over, it would be best to drop it from the CC&Rs altogether (rather than be accused of not enforcing it).  As discussion progressed about Denton Honbeck’s building, it seemed that it is not finished: the building is in the process of being fully enclosed with a hangar door, and this would solve the issue.


President John outlined the three basic issues before the Board: the structure of the Architecture Committee itself, the restructuring of CC&Rs, and how best to enforce these regulations.  Discussion ensued from several guests and Board members, with the consensus being that whatever is in the CC&Rs needs to be enforced: moreover, the answer was certainly not going to be finalized at tonight's meeting. 


The first issue before the Board tonight was whether the Architectural Committee should be changed; the second was whether certain parts of the CC&Rs should be updated; and lastly whether to pursue certain people on the airpark who are in violation of these regulations.  President John proposed that the Architectural Committee be allowed to operate as they have been, and that the Board members look over the CC&Rs and get back to him within 30 days on which items should perhaps be changed.  Jim Kirkendall at this point tendered a tentative resignation, unless the Board wanted him to stay on and were willing to make a commitment to stand behind the Architectural Committee and enforce the CC&Rs.  Dave Martin made the motion to keep Jim Kirkendall as chairman of the Committee, and Craig Cowles seconded.  All approved by voice vote.


John McCoy made the motion to adjourn, and Alan Wright seconded.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:22 PM. 


Respectfully submitted by Robert English, secretary.