IAHA Board Meeting

April 24, 2014


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by President Gary. Present were Craig Cowles, Gail Hill, Herb Jolliff, Alan Wright, Gary Van Horn, and John Horn. Guests this evening were Forrest Peck, Jim Huddleston, David Clyne (Independence City Manager) and Shawn Irvine (Economic Development Director). Robert English arrived ten minutes after.


SECRETARY: The minutes from the last meeting have been posted on-line. Herb Jolliff moved that the minutes be approved as posted, and Gail Hill seconded. All approved by voice vote.


TREASURER: The insurance company covering the Directors and Officers has sent us notice of a 7% increase in premium cost. The Board has recommended to pay the increased fee rather than looking for another policy. Gail also passed around a cash flow sheet showing the collected homeowners dues. Only three households have not paid their dues for 2014.


CITY PRESENTATION: David Clyne from Independence City Hall invited the Board to start thinking about how the Airport could be involved in the ongoing economic development of the City. Comments and discussion centered around what other aspects would be part of a long-term approach to grow the City, and what to avoid in the long-term plan. He encouraged everyone at the table to drop him a line if they had ideas of what could or should be done for future benefit of Independence. Gary said that the gist he got from discussion with others is that we need to go with “base hits instead of home runs”, and David agreed.


MAINTENANCE: Jim Huddleston, a pavements engineer from Salem invited here by Craig Cowles, had some observations to share regarding taxiway maintenance and repair.  He had positive things to say about how well the Association has maintained the 40-year-old paving with the various seal coatings over the years. The transverse cracking seen since the record cold this last December will get worse in time, but it is not structural at this stage: the basic paving is sound under the seal coats. He said that all of the faults he found were cosmetic only and airplanes could use this system the way it is for many years. John Horn mentioned the previous crack sealing that has suffered due to the very cold temperatures and didn't hold up as well as advertised. Jim said he could get back to us about what repair method is best for aircraft taxiway service. Gail said it would be best if Jim could let us know what to use here since he has no vested interest in what product we use on our taxiways.  Jim let us know about various methods of sealing, tools used for milling and grinding the pavement, and what factors make pavement decay faster. He advocates waiting and observing with each taxiway rather than scheduling a resealing job for each taxiway, then not settling for a cheap job: a good paving job should last ten or fifteen years, and a cheap one will only last two or three. Craig asked if Jim would provide us with specific language about what to ask for, what terminology to use, and to advise us about how to get the best job for the money when the time comes. He said we could do that for us, even though he is retiring at the end of this year and will be serving as a consultant. Gary asked Jim to provide some numbers for the Board and he said he would do that.


PRESIDENT'S REPORT: The first topic was the bylaw update to improve the readability of the document. John Horn reminded us that the North Annex is having their By-Laws and CC&Rs reviewed by third-year law students, and Gary said maybe we should wait and see how this process turns out. There is also a seminar covering homeowner association legal matters, coming up next month, and Gary is going to attend.


Next topic was the budget process for the Association. He said that Gail and he could probably hash that out, and Gail said she would be available after about a week.


Gary asked about the “Loud and Clear” newsletter one last time, and it was decided that the Block Herald system was adequate for the neighborhood’s purposes.


ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 9:05 PM. The next meeting is set for July 24, 7:00 PM, at the EAA hangar. Respectfully submitted by Robert English, secretary.