IAHA Board Meeting

April 26, 2018


The meeting was called to order by President Gary at 7:00 PM. Present were: Dave Martin, John Horn, Al & Margaret Cleveland, Robert English, Gary Van Horn and Kelly Wilson. Herb Jolliff is traveling this evening so he could not attend. There were some community members in attendance.


SECRETARY: The minutes were posted as a draft shortly after the January meeting on the website. Margaret Cleveland made the motion to approve the minutes as posted, and John Horn seconded. All approved by voice vote.


MEMBERSHIP COMMENTS: There were questions about the proposed grass runway that would be parallel to the existing runway, and while the FAA has said it is a "wonderful idea" there has been no participation from them.


Gary had received a call regarding the vegetation blocking the line of sight on Stryker Road, and the Chief of Police has responded to comments about that previously by saying they have problems like that throughout Independence. A suggestion was made to write a letter to the City Attorney and CC the Mayor about that, and Gary suggested we go to a City Council member first.


One call from resident on Stearman Street has asked if the Cadet taxiway could be widened to adjust for the stance of a larger aircraft, so that was on the agenda this evening. There had been an invitation in writing to discuss the situation, but nothing was received in response to this. Gary will contact him to let him know that the question is still open since the resident was not present this evening.


TREASURER: Margaret reported 159 paid their homeowners dues, and one lien has been put on the home of the one that has not paid. 44 have paid the special assessment for this year already; some others have started a payment plan toward that amount. Very few bills have been paid this month.


ARCHITECTURAL: Dave reported that the last lot on Mooney Street has been sold, and a house plan has been approved for that lot by the Committee. They intend to build a hangar eventually. A tie-down will go in first since both of the people involved are pro-aviation. A block party has been scheduled for June 10th, and reception to the idea so far has been enthusiastic.


MAINTENANCE: Al reported they got the spraying done, and the mowing is being accomplished by Lynn McDonald and one other neighbor with a small tractor. Lynn has done a great job wiping out the gophers that used to plague us last year. When the rock machine can be accessed, the taxiway edges can be finished. A work party will be planned to get the work detail done on the taxiway edges.


There were some discussions about overgrown lots, some have been mowed very recently and they look good now. The sprayer has been replaced since the old one was no longer repairable; the new one works OK and should last a long while.


PRESIDENT'S REPORT: Gary reported that we need a Social Committee Chairperson, and one particularly for the Ice Cream Social coming up, and asked who wants to do the recruiting. After brief discussion, Gary said he would put this up on the Block Herald network and asked who would be the one to receive the replies. Treasurer Margaret said she would do that.


Gary passed around the revised CC&R Article 3 Section 1, incorporating the Maintenance Assessment language, for the Board's consideration. Lots of discussion ensued. Two minor edits were suggested and applied. Dave moved the amended text be adopted into the CC&Rs, and John seconded. All approved by voice vote.


He also brought up the 2015 updates to the Bylaws and whether they needed to be filed with the County since the CC&Rs need to be filed when there is a change. Discussion came up regarding printing up the booklet again since there have been changes since the last time there was a printing run on these. That is to be determined.


GOOD OF THE ORDER: Jim Wixson introduced himself as a new resident of the neighborhood, moved recently from McMinneville, and all welcomed him.


ADJOURNMENT: President Gary made the motion to adjourn, and all agreed. The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 PM. Next meeting is July 26 at the EAA hangar at 7:00 PM. Respectfully submitted by Robert English, secretary.