IAHA Board Meeting

April 28, 2016


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by President Gary. Present were: John Horn, Robert English, Gary Van Horn, and Al and Margaret Cleveland. Alan Wright was excused because of business, Dave Martin had family business to attend to, and Herb Jolliff was traveling.


SECRETARY: The minutes of the previous meeting have been posted on the website. John Horn moved to approve the minutes as posted on the web, and Margaret Cleveland seconded. All approved by voice vote.


COMMENTS FOR BOARD: Matt Maas from the ODA wasn't able to be here, so Gary gave a synopsis of what he had planned to discuss: plans are being made by ODA to fence the rest of the airport, and there is nothing in the current plan to include gates for the access points. Gary says if they want gates, those gates would be for the benefit of the FAA so the FAA should pay for them.


Ann Scheck spoke, saying that two years ago they started attending City Council meetings, and through those two years she has learned quite a bit. She shared that the Stryker corridor is zoned industrial on the east side and her mission is to make sure development in that industrial section preserves the quality of life in our community right across the street. The folks that face Stryker are especially interested. She brought copies of the code with her so anyone who wants to review them can. She explained each of the three methods of redress the citizens have with the city: appeals, the DEQ, and (last resort) a lawsuit. First, an appeals process can be started when enough neighbors can bring an issue to the table. Secondly, the DEQ now has a task force that can investigate when there is a complaint about odors and/or noise. As a last resort, we can file a lawsuit. Litigation is expensive, though there is the "land use appeals board" which serves as a low-cost method of a case being heard. Regarding the marijuana processing plant: Aurora has a well-written code for such plants, and it has not been adopted here.


Forrest Peck then spoke, since he is on City Council. He described the City's approach to development plans as reactive, and he asked for public involvement in the process to bring a more proactive approach to the City's process. They are examining what the language is in current regulations, what other cities have on their books, and what ideas can be adopted. Stryker Road is the largest area of side-by-side industrial development and residential neighborhood that Independence has, and we all need to meet to exchange ideas at this point.


Steve Moser, Scoutmaster for the local Boy Scout Troop, explained how the City made good on the school road plan that was originally a problem, and it was due to his willingness to speak up and be involved. He also spoke about a scout fundraiser and passed fliers around about it.


Chuck West spoke and ran a slide show during his presentation. He had just come back from Washington DC with news about the FAA rule regarding the Salem airspace issue. He showed the Federal Register document number 2016-05060 where each of us can submit our comments on the airspace issue, and needs to be done by May 8 in order to get coherency regarding the airspace over Salem. Chuck will be getting the proper language together so that the FAA will not ignore our comments. Gary asked whether there would be something for the neighborhood through the Block Herald network, and he said he would do that. Gary said there had been a letter to the FAA from Wyden asking why the FAA was not following its own regulations, and the consensus at this meeting was that there would be no movement from the FAA until after May 8.


Gary later mentioned that he would put forward the suggestion to the City that the access road for these industrial lots be build along the railroad tracks and leave Stryker to residential traffic. This has been suggested before but not acted on. It would solve many issues with noise etc.


TREASURER: Margaret passed around a list of deposits, checks written, and current balances. She also included anticipated expenses, including the ODA egress payment, and the figures she distributed did not include money set aside for taxiway maintenance. Since Margaret just took over this year, there is information still having to be transferred. She discussed liens that may need to be filed if the neighbors in question do not pay. There was some discussion about what is involved with filing the liens, and when IAHA is likely to be reimbursed for those fees. These need to be filed before the end of June.


ARCHITECTURE: Dave Martin was not present, so there was no report.


MAINTENANCE: Al Cleveland reported on the spraying alongside the taxiways. Some of the shoulders on the taxiways are crumbling because the gravel is being pushed to the side. Dragging the rock back up is a tender process since asphalt is involved. There had also been a drainage problem during the last heavy rains, and a rooter service came and cleared up some of the blockage but not all of it. What this situation brings up is whose responsibility it is to take care of such things when they occur. The discussion centered around the construction standards that had been in place for years here, stating that the drain is on the homeowner's property so the expense should be on the homeowner and not the Association. Once the weeds get under control then Al will get the cylinder heads off the tractor engine to find out what that noise is.


PRESIDENT'S REPORT: Gary said that the insurance for the Board is going to be renewed. The policy includes Community Association Management Liability, which protects the association from damages and the defense costs resulting from wrongful act allegations and lawsuits.  It also includes General Liability which is for situations such as someone slipping and falling on the premises.  Our liability policy was originally written on a 3 year term, expiring 6/10/2016, and it is being renewed for another three years. The cost should be the same.


ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 8:42 PM. The next IAHA Board Meeting is set for July 28 at the EAA hangar, time 7:00 PM. Respectfully submitted by Robert English, secretary.