IAHA Board Meeting

28 April '22


The meeting was called to order by President Gary at 7:00PM. Present were: John Horn, Al & Margaret Cleveland, David Ullman, Robert English, Gary Van Horn and Herb Jolliff. There were some neighbors in attendance.


SECRETARY: The minutes of the previous meeting have been posted on the website for since early February. Margaret made the motion that the minutes be approved, and John Horn seconded. All approved by voice vote.


MEMBERSHIP COMMENTS: Neighbor Jim Wixson spoke in front of the membership regarding an online registry of crime incidents that may affect the airpark, revealing the police department was cordial on the subject although they were short-handed at the moment. The idea of establishing a communication channel between the airpark and the local police, something that was in place in years past but does not exist now, was well-received by all parties.


Another neighbor had several points to raise, one of which was unleashed dogs interfering with planes taxiing to and from the runways. Al said there is a city ordinance against unleashed dogs but we can encourage each other to keep the incidents to a minimum. Al also stated he had a list of encroachments on the taxiways that were going to be followed up next week with emails and, if needed, further action. Much discussion centered around this subject and other related ones, and a general consensus was that there were rules already (including the CC&Rs) and they needed better compliance among neighbors.


Regarding the question about whether the appropriate copy of the CC&Rs was posted on the IAHA Website: the Board has compared the copy of the minutes from the Website with the County Office copy provided by Ken Day.  We appreciate his concern and the time and effort it took while looking into that situation.  The Website's published document(s) are identical to the document(s) on file at the Clerk's office with the exception of the Clerk's Acceptance Stamp and some hand-written page numbers, presumably also entered by the clerk. 


TREASURER: The year-end financial summary for 2021 has been reviewed by a CPA and approved. For this year, there are a few households that have not paid their homeowner dues for this year, but most have done so. Some questions were answered about what accounts the Association has and how they are used (the taxiway fund is only being used for the taxiway rehab work, and the general fund is for everything else).


ARCHITECTURAL: David stated the Committee approved the plan presented to them for 615 Airport Way, and that plans for 803 Stearman are coming. The new owners of 617 Luscombe will be submitting modification plans for the taxiway connection so that it can be serviceable when it is actually built (drainage being an issue in that spot was discussed).


MAINTENANCE: Al reported about the spraying that has already started, and a torch will be used on some of the more problematic sections so it can be more firmly in control than it was last year. The new sweeper seems to be doing some good and a new steel brush is coming to make the machine even more effective. Tractor and other equipment are doing well. John Horn then described a chemical sealcoat that he learned about while visiting an airpark in Arizona. Al joined in saying there would be a sub-committee formed to take a closer look at this process to see if it would be cost-effective.


PRESIDENT'S REPORT: Gary said there was nothing to report other than what he had already stated earlier in the meeting.


GOOD OF THE ORDER: Margaret stated there would be a hangar space available starting in June that would be able to be used by the maintenance committee for storing the equipment (rather than having it sitting outside). Gary said to get information and bring it to the Board.


ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 7:46PM for an executive session after a short break. The next meeting will be held on 28 of July at 7:00PM in the EAA Hangar. Respectfully submitted by Robert English, IAHA secretary.