IAHA Board Meeting

July 22, 2021


CALL TO ORDER: President Gary called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM. Present were Al & Margaret Cleveland, Alan Wright, John Horn, Robert English, Herb Jolliff, and Gary Van Horn.


PRESIDENT'S REPORT: Ballot preparation will be in the October meeting, notices will be sent out through the Block Herald network to ask for volunteers for various positions.

More immediately, the Board needs a volunteer to fill the Architectural Committee chair for the duration of the year; Herb Jolliff is temporarily the Architecture Chairman until a new one is chosen.

Gary had to leave after giving his report in order to catch a flight to Ohio. Herb Jolliff ran the meeting after Gary departed.


SECRETARY'S REPORT: The April minutes have been posted as draft minutes on the website since early May. Suggested changes were already incorporated into the document. Al Cleveland moved the minutes be accepted as posted, John Horn seconded. All approved by voice vote.


ITEMS OF CURRENT INTEREST: there have been various people asking Margaret when there will be an Ice Cream Social. There has been a positive response from the people on Mooney and Luscombe, nothing is decided yet but the tentative date will be in September before the weather turns. All of the ice cream will be home-made.


TREASURER'S REPORT: Only 3 households have not paid the fees for 2021, no names were mentioned but each of the homes will have liens put on their house for the amount. Regarding the special assessment: most households have paid up, and several have paid ahead for the fees due in 2022.

One property owner who has been in arrears in previous years has now paid in full, so no lien had to be filed on that property.

No checks have been written in the last 3 months, some bills will be coming in, one of which will be for the crack sealing work that is planned between now and September.


ARCHITECTURAL COMMITTEE REPORT: there was one meeting of the committee in late May to discuss the plans for the new home on Airport Way, the owners were asked to make some changes and report back. The suggested changes were made, approval was given, and construction will start soon. Herb thanked John Horn, Alan Wright, and Dave Ullman who served as committee members.


MAINTENANCE COMMITTEE REPORT: Al had three items, one of which was the airport fencing that the ODA had planned. John suggested we have a meeting with the ODA director to ask what is actually going on, since there has been no firm answer about it so far.

Crack sealing was discussed, and John recommended that we use the same firm that we have used before since they have done the work better than any other firm. Motions to approve the cost can be done by email once we have a figure to discuss.

Complaints have been received regarding taxiway setbacks on Skylane, mature trees are beginning to encroach. They have already been limbed, but this has not been enough. Al proposed to send a letter to all homeowners to restate the boundaries before the new pavement goes in on the taxiways.

Mowing and spraying work on the common properties continues. The winds have been strong enough that spraying has not been done recently, but when the winds die down then spraying will resume.


GOOD OF THE ORDER: Alan described meetings he has had with representatives of the Marquis Spa regarding complaints about their operations (foam & fiberglass blowing onto people's lawns, truck traffic, etc), and they have proposed some solutions which are in process. Alan has also sought a solution regarding a pedestrian crossing across Stryker near the Marquis entrance, since it is currently very dangerous to cross. He asked if anyone else wanted to participate in these meetings, saying he liked to see some improvement. John suggested that some statistics be gathered about how many people actually cross Stryker near that intersection so the City can understand its importance.


ADJOURNMENT: Herb made the motion to adjourn the meeting, John moved and Margaret seconded. The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 PM. Respectfully submitted by Robert English, IAHA secretary.