IAHA Board Meeting

July 23, 2015


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by President Gary. Present were Dave Martin, Kelly Wilson, Gail Hill, Gary Van Horn, Robert English, John Horn and Herb Jolliff. Attorney Sean Armstrong arrived later, as did guests Vince Homer and Tracy Saylor.


SECRETARY: The draft minutes for both the April Board meeting and the May General meeting have been posted on the web. Herb Jolliff moved to approve the minutes as published, and Dave Martin seconded. All approved by voice vote.


TREASURER: Gail passed a new balance sheet around. Two liens need to be filed, and since paying all the recent bills we need to move some more money into checking. John Horn moved to move $5,000 from savings to checking, and Herb seconded. All approved.


ARCHITECTURE: Dave said there had been approval to build a two-story house on Aeronca, and the hangar is to be built a year from now. Gary asked whether the drainage issue had ever been corrected on Glenn Plymate's property; he passed away recently and the house is on the market, so Gary's concern was whether this would be a city issue or a homeowner's association issue. It was decided that this was a city issue.


MAINTENANCE: John Horn (temporary chair) said the crack sealing had been done, and Salem Sealcoat has done a very good job.


There were issues with the tractor; Dave Martin filled in some details on what had been done with it; it is currently at a garage awaiting orders on repair. Al Cleveland had said he would be at the meeting tonight to suggest that some of the needed engine work be done at his place, rather than at the garage, but he was not yet present. Dave recommended that the garage bring the tractor back and that we do our own engine work here. After some discussion, Gary ordered the tractor be returned so we could work on it ourselves.


John also had an estimate for long-range taxiway resurfacing, with the help of Keith Moes, and this plan will come to a vote of the membership when the time arrives. Gary said the best way to go about this is to present it to the membership as a fully planned project. During discussion, Herb said the prospect of having even one taxiway fail was enough of a concern to push the timetable up on such a project. Gary said some solid figures need to be put together before this goes any further.


Al Cleveland arrived and, regarding the current vacancy in the maintenance chair, he said he wanted to know more about the details. Gary said he would spend some time with him to discuss what is involved with this administrative position. Al also said that he has found the technical manuals for the tractor, available on CD, and John Horn made the motion that the Board buy the CD. Herb seconded. All approved by voice vote.


PRESIDENT'S REPORT: Gary gave a brief synopsis of the meeting with attorney Sean Armstrong earlier this week, and Sean then explained the arbitration procedures as currently in the first draft that has been emailed to the members of the Board. The lists for mediators (non-professional, neighborhood people) and arbitrators (professionals) need to be filled in. Sean said he could set up meetings between selected arbitrators and the Board to evaluate whether they would be a good fit for the job. Deadlines have been included for each step in the mediation and/or arbitration process so that it does not drag on endlessly. After lots of discussion, some of the language was changed and a second draft is forthcoming.


ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 PM. The next scheduled meeting is October 22, 7:00 PM, at the EAA hangar. Respectfully submitted by Robert English, secretary.


ADDENDUM: the second draft of the mediation / arbitration procedures was sent to the members of the Board via email, and this second draft was approved by a unanimous vote of the Board, also via email.