IAHA Board Meeting

July 27, 2017


The meeting was called to order by President Gary at 7:00 PM. Present were: Alan Wright, Herb Jolliff, Al and Margaret Cleveland, Gary Van Horn, Robert English, John Horn, Dave Martin, and Kelly Wilson. There were other people attending as guests this evening.


SECRETARY: The draft minutes have been publicly posted on the website for the last few months. Margaret Cleveland made the motion to approve these, and John Horn seconded. Gary brought up one correction: page three mentioned the allocation of monies for the engineering study, and an amendment was agreed upon to update that by saying this was not actually spent since the engineer was too busy to actually start that work. All approved the minutes as corrected.


ITEMS OF CURRENT INTEREST: representative Michael Ryer talked about the EAA-sponsored "STOL" (Short TakeOff and Landing) Fly-in on Saturday, September 2. It will start at 2PM and go to 4, with twelve invited aircraft participating, and the airport will be closed to normal air traffic during that time. Dave asked about communications so there will be someone on the ground warning traffic away, and the answer was positive. Besides the radio monitoring, on all known frequencies, there will be a guy with a red flag to wave off any approaching traffic. The flight schools throughout the flight pattern have already been notified. There was concern about people without emails being notified about this event, and Margaret said she has the means of being able to notify everyone in the airpark. Gary relayed the position of the Board that, as individuals, there is no objection.


Larry Kruljak brought it to the Board's attention that the airport is the longest duration for the eclipse, and this was written up in the latest issue of the AOPA magazine.


Kelly Wilson brought the case forward for arbitration regarding his neighbor, since he has continued to violate the CC&Rs despite repeated verbal warnings and there has been no improvement. Kelly brought up the stored vehicle situation, the property appearance, and the construction codes are also in violation since he only has tarpaper on his roof with no shingles (has been this way for more than a year). Gary said there are requirements for putting this in writing and presenting this to the Board, so that is the next step. Kelly said he would do that. Al asked if any pictures had been taken to document this, and Kelly said he would start that. John reiterated that everything would have to be documented with pictures. Discussion followed, and it was generally agreed that this particular neighbor has had a long history of this sort of behavior.


Gary said he had invited the City managers to attend this IAHA meeting regarding the marijuana plant; Herb had attended the most recent City meeting, and explained the issue being discussed by them: the deadline for the employee certification requirements may be too short for a thorough check. Lots of discussion followed regarding the City's handling of this matter, along with other related concerns about the lack of disclosure. Along those same lines, the issue of zone compatibility was discussed, especially regarding the anticipated increase in traffic on Stryker Road. The bottom line is as Gary said: the City is not going to change their approach unless everyone shows up to the City Council meetings and makes their position known. Compatibility between the two zones of industrial and residential is not there now.


TREASURER: Margaret had the treasurer's report which she passed around. There are currently no properties in arrears on the dues, as all previous liens have been paid. All bills are paid up, the ODA has been paid their dues we were holding, and Margaret said that she has open books for people to inspect at anytime. There is $10,000.00 in the checking account, and Margaret mentioned this might be better off in a savings account. Herb Jolliff moved to put $5,000.00 into savings from the checking account, and Dave Martin seconded. All approved.


ARCHITECTURAL COMMITTEE: The lot on the East end of Luscombe had a house design that ignored the City requirements about a "bullnosed" garage they had planned, and they are due to come back to the committee with a revised plan. The other lot to the West of that has a plan that has been OKd by the committee. They are going to be putting in a pad instead of a hangar. The end of the taxiway facing these properties will have to be extended by the homeowner and not by IAHA.


MAINTENANCE COMMITTEE: Al spoke about the planned ballot measure that had been sent around for comment a few months ago, and at this point there had been no received comments or feedback. Gary had highlighted item seven since it needs to include mention of the Bylaws in addition to the CC&Rs. Margaret moved this ballot measure, as modified, should go to the ballot. John Horn seconded. Alan asked if the language in this measure was actually what would be accepted into the regulations, since previous IAHA ballot measures in the past had the exact language presented within the ballot. Discussion followed. Gary asked if this needed to be tabled so the language could be worked out, and Margaret suggested an email vote could be held on this with a deadline. John said we need to go ahead with this. The October meeting will be the meeting for the vote, so the ballot has to be postmarked by September 15 in order to be fully legal for the October 26 opening and counting of the ballots. More discussion followed. The motion is to approve the ballot measure in principle, pending the agreement by the Board on the implementing language. Margaret and John reiterated their earlier vote to move and second this. All approved by voice vote.


Al also spoke about the weed spraying since he has been busy with other projects. He will be spraying with a Roundup derivative. There will be a community workday for taxiway gravel spreading in the future before the rains come.


John asked if the Board approved him going out to get a crack sealing bid this year for the entire taxiway system. It would cost somewhere around $10,000.00. Dave made the motion that we approve up to $11,000.00 for the taxiway crack seal this year, and Herb seconded. All approved. Margaret said that the earlier motion to move $5,000.00 to savings would be rescinded as this money should be available for that maintenance work.


PRESIDENT'S REPORT: Gary only had one item: the Pecks had sold their house and had given him a box of IAHA items including a roll of raffle tickets which had not been used.


ADJOURNMENT: the meeting was adjourned at 8:43 PM. The next meeting is Thursday, October 26, 7:00 PM at the EAA hangar.