IAHA Board Meeting

July 28, 2016


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by President Gary. Present were: Dave Martin, Al and Margaret Cleveland, Gary Van Horn, Robert English, John Horn, and Herb Jolliff. Guest this evening is Matt Maas from the ODA. Several neighbors from the airpark were present as guests. Alan Wright sent word that he was in Oshkosh and could not attend this evening.


SECRETARY: The minutes from the April meeting have been posted on the web in draft form. Dave Martin made the motion to approve the minutes as posted, and Margaret Cleveland seconded. There was no objection. All approved.


COMMENTS AND QUESTIONS: Matt Maas spoke to the group, saying first that the proposed fencing will not interfere with access to the taxiways. Gated access is not going to be part of this plan, though the great concern has always been keeping pedestrians off of the taxiways. Money is their greatest concern, as they have to balance against other general aviation airports and their ongoing projects there. Electric fences for the hangar access roads are part of the current plan, and they should be going in by late August of this year. Bids are being solicited for this job to install these electric gates. The power for these gates will come from State power sources. Flooding issues in the south hangars will be addressed with drainage and landfill.


The South, West, and North sides are to be fenced with six-foot chain link and barbed wire, and any fencing along the East is still under consideration. Safety issues are the only concern for the East side of the airport, and the other sides are to guard against intrusion. Perimeter fencing should be completed in 2017. He listed other items to be acted on in 2018 and beyond, and invited comment to his email address. There will be a group meeting for the master plan with a date to be announced. The meeting date will be published through the Block Herald network here in the airpark.


After Matt finished speaking, there was some discussion regarding zoning on the east side of Stryker Road as well as an industrial access road further to the East along the railroad tracks. A possible speed limit reduction on Stryker will also be considered. Forrest Peck said the focus will be on language change within the zoning codes and not necessarily to change the zoning.


Chuck West gave a brief talk regarding the current status of the airspace discussion with the FAA. The important thing at this stage is the volume of comments from pilots, so please get in touch with Chuck to forward your comments on this matter through the proper channels.


TREASURER: Margaret had prepared a list of all accounts and shared it with Board members. Research into our expenses over the last few years, showing how the Board has been spending the money, as well as what has been taken out of savings to supplement expenses. Gary said, after looking at the report, the balance is down each year so the Association is spending more than it is taking in. Margaret will be auditing further.


ARCHITECTURE: The committee met to consider a hanger on the Williams property. They brought a rough drawing to the committee, with the proposed location, and until they bring an architectural drawing the final approval is pending. A future meeting will evaluate plans for a lot on Luscombe Street when the lot changes hands and a drawing is presented.


The question of who should be responsible for the ditches partially within the sixty-foot area along the taxiways was also discussed. CC&Rs and ByLaws were reviewed, and a passage was found in Addendum 1, under "Definitions," which answered the entire question.


MAINTENANCE: John Horn brought the paper that was approved in the email vote by the Board, which was a unanimous vote. The motion to approve the expenditure of $9,091.00 for the 2016 phase of the taxiway repaving project was passed, and the Board further approved the move of $10,000 to the Board checking account from savings to pay for this repaving.


John passed the paper around to the guests this evening regarding the future plans for taxiway repaving, and read the highlights for the attendees. He said this proposal for the taxiway maintenance plan should be voted on by the Board to be included in the year-end ballot for the General meeting so there is a long-term plan in place starting in 2017. Discussion ensued regarding the proposed dues increase which is part of the plan. The language of the proposed ballot measure was worked on at this meeting, and will be finalized at a later meeting. The current proposed language is as follows: to increase the annual fee to $350.00 effective in January of 2017 to establish a dedicated reserve to be available as required for the repair and maintenance of taxiways.


Al had a report about spraying along the taxiways, five more to go at this time. Tractor maintenance is ongoing, and a bill has been presented for oil and some small parts on the mower. Al is considering finding and purchasing a three-point blade for gravel maintenance, and he is looking for a good one on the used market now. Lynn McDonald has been killing lots of gophers with a propane burner that was borrowed from John McCoy, and John has offered to sell this burner to the Association. Al made the motion to buy the burner from John McCoy for $150, John Horn moved and Herb Jolliff seconded. All approved by voice vote.


PRESIDENT'S REPORT: Gary brought up a discussion that the ISAS Board had regarding changing the name of the airport in memory of Glenn Plymate, and Ken Hardwick of ISAS got up to explain what happened at this particular meeting. The consensus of the meeting was that the name should not be changed, the name "Independence State Airport" should remain. There are also two different versions of the history of this airport, the original version of the history was written by Andy Anderson and a second version was authored by Glenn Plymate. Both histories are currently posted on the ISAS website. The goal is to have one blended version which is factual, and a committee of neighbors is working on that.


Gary is considering sending a letter to the planning commission regarding the traffic on Stryker Road, stating that the City needs to look at an alternative route so the industrial traffic has their own road along the railroad bed and regular car traffic will remain on Stryker. Discussion centered on the alternate route, as further restriction on the existing road will not improve the situation.


GOOD OF THE ORDER: Pacific Power has informed Gary that the number of crews available for work to fix power outages has been reduced from seven to three, and the power outages that various neighbors have been experiencing are likely due to underground cables that will not be fixed until they can get around to it. Gary is ready to write a letter to Pacific Power stating the problem in plain language, saying the power outages are getting tiresome.


The Hop and Heritage Festival will be on September 17, with hot-air balloon launches and a pancake breakfast from 7:30 until Noon. Pedestrian encroachment on the taxiways and runways during the hot-air balloon was discussed, and there is concern that we need someone to enforce these limits.


ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 10:03 PM. Next scheduled meeting is set for October 27, 7:00 PM at the EAA hangar. Respectfully submitted by Robert English, IAHA secretary.