IAHA Board Meeting

30 July 2020


CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order by President Gary at 7:00 PM. Present were: Alan Wright, Dave Martin, Al & Margaret Cleveland, Herb Jolliff, John Horn, Gary Van Horn and Robert English. Some members were in attendance in the building, and some were online in the ZOOM broadcast of the meeting (hosted by Alan Wright).


SECRETARY: Secretary Robert posted the minutes of the January meeting online shortly after the meeting occurred, so they’ve been online for the last several months. One adjustment of wording was suggested by Margaret and this was noted for correction of the online document. The motion to approve them as corrected was moved by John Horn and seconded by Margaret. All approved by voice vote.


COMMENTS FROM MEMBERS: Guest Kelly McWilliams, who is running for position 6 on the City Council in the November election, introduced herself and brought her petition in order for her to be on the ballot. She believes the City has a lack of creative solutions and needs better transparency for the residents of Independence. Gary mentioned that it would be nice for the City to be more sensitive to the residents' concerns re industrial zoning, a topic that has been before the City Council for three years now. More concerns were voiced, and some of the topics raised were continued in discussions with Kelly after the meeting was over.


TREASURER: Margaret stated we are at the end of our collection period, and only two homes were going into lien status. Nine homes have not paid the special assessment; they are resisting payment, so there will be liens filed on those dwellings. Balancing the accounts is in process.

The method of escrow has changed; all incoming homeowners are being asked to sign an agreement that they have read the CC&Rs and understand they must abide by the rules (including the fee assessments). No one has rejected that so far, and it is going well.

Gary had one question re the special assessment and whether it applied to those on airport property using Skylane Taxiway, and Margaret replied in the affirmative.


ARCHITECTURE: Dave described the five projects that are in the process of being finished; the Hills home on Stearman is ready for siding. Johnston's home on Stinson is nearly complete, it has left room for the hangar but hasn't built it yet. The Landis house on Piper Street has the footings in for the foundation. The Cuevas house on Aeronca is ready for occupation. The Jackovich house on Mooney had the concrete ramp put in for a prospective hangar.


MAINTENANCE: Al added a detail to Dave’s architecture report, stating that the Stinson Street house had too small a drain pipe -12 inches instead of 24 as the airpark recommended - and the larger pipe has just been installed in accordance with the CC&Rs.

More spraying will be done when there is less wind (to keep unintended plants from dying), and new tires for the sprayer have been purchased. The rock spreader does need a more permanent home, enclosed and out of the weather.

Al and John sat in on the ODA meeting that discussed the 20-year plan for the Airpark and its vicinity, and they were each sent a map showing what is actually planned. Regarding the fencing, the map shows a fence down the West side and in between the taxiways, an electronic gate at the restaurant, and a mechanical gate between the EAA hangar and the Nutsch hangar. The good news is there will be no fence between Airport Road and the Airpark, as had been proposed at one point.


PRESIDENT'S REPORT: Gary reminded everyone that the October meeting will be discussing the ballot for IAHA for the year 2021.


GOOD OF THE ORDER: Alan mentioned something he had seen the previous weekend; a woman in the North Park walked her dog across the runway and there was airplane traffic at the time. Al and Gary stated this should be circulated on the Block Herald network. This started a discussion about non-residents who are out on the paths exercising and they do not know the rules, so firm but gentle confrontation is needed to let them know. Signs are posted, but those signs don't usually get read so persistence is needed.


ADJOURNMENT: Gary adjourned the meeting at 7:42 PM. Next meeting is scheduled for 22 October 2020, at the EAA hangar at 7:00 PM. Respectfully submitted by Robert English, IAHA secretary.