IAHA Board Meeting

August 2, 2007


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM.  Present were: Craig Cowles, Kurt Kirkendall, Dave Martin, Robert English, John Horn, John McCoy, and Alan Wright.   Among the guests were Gary Van Horn, Dick Wildman, Pete Weber, Norm  & Rita Farb, Gail Hill, Carole Gabel, Andy Andersen, Glenn Plymate, Karen Brown, and Fred & Carol Krieg.


SECRETARY: Dave Martin made the motion that the minutes of the previous meeting be approved, and John McCoy seconded.  All approved by voice vote.


TREASURER: Interest rates went up since the last report, which helps since the money has been moved over to Sterling Bank and the CDs are at the newer rates.  The bottom line is up, but the expenses that normally take the balance down come usually toward the end of the year.  Craig's expenses for the more recent work are not reflected here either.


ARCHITECTURE: There were three projects that were approved since the last meeting: new construction on Airport Way lot 28 for Dale Gallagher, a sun porch cover for Gary McCormick on Aeronca, and a new house and hangar at 658 Luscombe for Derryl and Merilyn Franz.


MAINTENANCE: Craig enumerated the costs of the most recent work, including the new rock for the work party re-rocking the edges of the taxiways, the slurry coating that followed that, and the tractor maintenance up until now.  Craig publically thanked everyone who showed up for the work party that helped to replace the rock against the taxiways.


VICE PRESIDENT: Dave told about his exploration regarding insurance for the Board, which was continued under the heading of “new business”.


OLD BUSINESS: John Horn enumerated the list that he and Dave had accumulated of miscellaneous violations of the CC&Rs around the airpark.  He also explained the plan to remove the stipulation against pole structures in the CC&Rs, since it would be a very large hassle to enforce this, and the decision is whether or not this is important enough to enforce.  John McCoy made the motion to put this decision up to a vote of the general membership in the Fall, and Dave Martin seconded.   Jim Kirkendall stated that there were several pole structures around the airpark and it was time to enforce the existing ordinance in the CC&Rs.  After discussion about the issue, a vote was taken and, with the exception of one "nay" vote from Jim Kirkendall, John’s motion passed.


John Horn then went on to enumerate the various miscellaneous violations of the CC&Rs, including fences that could not be seen through and various vegetation that might interfere, and asked what was the pleasure of the Board as to what to do.  Dave said that a personal contact is a lot friendlier than a letter, and those who have been contacted up to this point have made some effort to correct the problems.  A follow-up letter is adviseable to make the Board's position clear in a legal sense.  After some discussion, John said that the plan was to do another walk-through in October to see if the suggestions had been complied with.   Dave Martin made that an official motion, that is to do a follow-up walkthrough in October and make note of who needs more enforcement, and John McCoy seconded.  All approved by voice vote.


Craig proposed an added statement in the CC&Rs that all taxiways have a minimum of 18" of crushed gravel (3/4 minus) on either side with at least an 8" pipe underneath to allow the water to pass through.  Discussion ensued about the ramifications of that, including that the Ash Creek Water District has to be notified and give its approval to any work done to the drainage.  There was a suggestion that this was a point for the architectural committee, when a new home is built on a vacant lot, and was outside the actual scope of the CC&Rs.    Discussion ensued as to whether this was an engineering matter for the City or the Water District to be concerned with, as opposed to a responsibility for the Homeowner's Association.  Dave said he would like to see the architectural committee come up with a guideline for the type of gravel and variety of pipe.  Jim said that this was doable, and that added language to the CC&Rs would not be necessary.  Craig said he would agree with that.


Another suggestion was brought up from the floor about the requirement currently in the CC&Rs regarding the parking pad for airplanes in the absence of a hangar.  This was also considered to be something to potentially strike from the language along with the requirement about pole structures.  Discussion came back to the point that this is an airpark and airplanes are a fact of life here.  The idea to strike language from the CC&Rs about airplane pads was dropped at this point; those present were in favor of keeping that ordinance.  Further discussion centered around cars that certain neighbors are storing on their property, unlicensed vehicles specifically.  The consensus was that the police can be called in those situations.


Dave Martin made a motion that a procedure be developed by the Board to standardize the way the Board will handle violations of the CC&Rs.  Jim Kirkendall seconded, and all approved by voice vote.  An actual procedure will be worked out and presented to the Board at a future meeting.


NEW BUSINESS: Regarding Kattie Altman's resignation as a Director At Large, because of time constraints, John said it might be best to let the vacancy remain until the end of the year.  All present agreed.


Dave Martin made a motion to get exploratory information about Directors and Officers insurance, as a means to protect the Board (since the Board protects the taxiway system, this constitutes an incidental expense to taxiway maintenance).  A show of hands was requested on the question of who would still serve on a Board that was not protected by some form of insurance, and it was about 50/50.   At this point, Gary Van Horn made a presentation regarding procedures that a Board should follow regarding enforcement of CC&Rs.  Much of the material in his presentation is what was covered this evening, and John Horn thanked him for his presentation.  Dave’s motion was seconded by Jim Kirkendall, and all approved by voice vote.  Dave will bring some quotes to a subsequent meeting for consideration.


ADJOURNMENT: John made the motion to adjourn and John McCoy seconded.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:13 PM.


Respectfully submitted by Robert English, secretary.