IAHA Board Meeting

August 23, 2018


President Gary called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM. Present were: Dave Martin, Al & Margaret Cleveland, Gary Van Horn, Robert English, John Horn, Alan Wright, Herb Jolliff, and Kelly Wilson. There were also several residents present as guests.


SECRETARY: The minutes from the previous meeting have been posted on the website as a draft for a few months. There were no corrections of these minutes. All approved them by voice vote.


COMMENTS FROM MEMBERS: There was a question regarding the Block Herald emails and how this system was formed. The way the Block Herald system was built originally was one distributor of info and each Block Herald per street keeps the list of email addresses, specifically which households do not want to receive information in that fashion.

The ODA is reviewing the candidates before the Board of Aviation for the post of Director for the ODA, and they are still looking for additional candidates. John Horn said there is no exact date for the next Public Advisory Committee (PAC) meeting which was appointed by ODA to provide input to development of the next Airport Master Plan; it will probably be two months out, and John will be sure to notify everyone on the Airpark about that. The Master Plan for this particular Airport is on the table at these ODA meetings, with additional fencing for this Airport being part of that agenda, so it is important that Airpark residents attend.

Regarding the visibility of oncoming traffic when approaching Stryker from Airpark streets; there are City ordinances which can be brought to bear, and neighbors can cite those when addressing these issues with other neighbors. A note will be sent out via the Block Heralds so that neighbors know.

It has come to the attention of the Board that certain new neighbors have been told that they do not have to comply with the CC&Rs. Al suggested that a new paper copy of the CC&Rs be printed up so that they can be handed to these new owners. Gary said he has an idea regarding how to handle this and there would be more discussion about this later. Much discussion followed this point with many ideas. There will certainly be a reminder email distributed through the Block Herald system about on this point.

Some discussion was also put forward about animals relieving themselves without the owners picking up after them, particularly on corner lots. Gary will check with Archer's to see if anything can be sprayed around lots to keep this from happening.


TREASURER: Margaret distributed the expense sheet for 2018, which included the payment to the ODA for the ingress/egress fees. She also passed around an average expenditure sheet for the last three years, which will serve as a basis for a budget which the Board plans to draw up later in the year. Many individual expenditures are below the $300 mark, but they do accumulate throughout the year. Four properties have not paid their homeowner's assessment, and one of them is a foreclosed house on Mooney. If they do not pay these fees by September 1 a lien will be filed on each of them.


ARCHITECTURE: The Jackovich house has a foundation poured now. The owners are interested in aviation so a ramp and tiedown area will be installed (as required by the CC&Rs). They may build a hangar later. A fence around the new house on Luscombe seemed too high for a potential aircraft, but a fresh measurement reveals that this is within specifications and it will be a see-through fence. They do intend to put a paved ramp in with the proper slope for a tie-down at a later time. Also, a warning sign has been put on the North/South walkway to the east of Andy Andersen's old house to watch driveway traffic since the opening of that walk is a driveway to a garage.


MAINTENANCE: Al said there is more rock work being done along the taxiways as a short-term maintenance project, and the big taxiway project still has two ways it could go: whether we do a few taxiways at a time, one project a year for five years, or all at once when the Board gets the money in to pay for it. It was proposed that getting in a neutral consultant at this stage would be helpful. Dave Ullman will share his earlier information with John and Al so that the next step can be planned properly.


PRESIDENT'S REPORT: Gary asked for volunteers for Board positions for the November ballot so they could serve on the Board in 2019. The October meeting is where the draft ballot will be presented, so he invited anyone interested to contact him.


GOOD OF THE ORDER: There needs to be a volunteer for the Social Chairperson, and some discussion centered around how to find a good chairperson for that.


ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 PM. The next meeting is slated for October 25, at 7:00 PM, at the EAA hangar. Respectfully submitted by Robert English, IAHA secretary.