IAHA Meeting Minutes

October 14, 2002


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by President Alan Wright.  Present were Carole Gabel, Lynn McDonald. Alan Wright, Gail Hill, Phyllis Upright, Robert English, and guest Aero Larson.


Secretary Robert read the minutes of the previous meeting on September 9.  There was one correction to the minutes: the homeowners in the south end (“Independence Meadows”) are the ones that received refunds from the ODA since they are not due to start paying fees until next year. 


The balance of the meeting was spent discussing the ramifications of the current ingress/egress fee agreement.  Aero Larson brought up a paragraph in the current FAA laws governing airports that stipulates that airplanes that are lodged outside the airport grounds (that’s us) are not supposed to have access to the taxiway.  This is a major potential problem, since this community has been built on the premise of easy access from the homeowner lots.  The possibility of avoiding this problem by paying the requested access fee seems like a small price to pay for keeping the resale values of our properties.


Another point which was brought up at the previous meeting, the possibility of a lien in the event that some homeowner does not pay the ODA access fee, has been addressed in the CC&Rs (pages 11 & 12, article 8).  The Board has the right to assess fees and foreclose if necessary. 


Lots of talk ensued about what kind of political pressure was placed on the ODA to redefine the fee schedule the way they have, and what kind of ill treatment President Alan has received since helping to make the agreement with the ODA.  Alan explained the timeline of the information he received and the steps he took to come to the conclusions he did.  All present agreed that Alan was fully in his rights as President of the IAHA to make this agreement.  As the discussion progressed, Alan said that he would remain President until this issue is fully settled and would not abandon the job in the middle.


It was agreed to make the annual December 1 membership an informational meeting on this issue.  Aero agreed to attend this meeting to help explain the issue from the legal perspective.  There will be a letter going out to the homeowners here about the issues at hand and the realities, being that the Homeowners Association will be responsible for collecting the ODA fees every year from this point out - Aero, Alan, and Carole will help write this letter.  To follow up after the meeting, an article in the January issue of “Loud And Clear” (local newsletter) will be sent to all the homeowners.


There was lots more discussion about all the various ramifications of the fee schedule and the politics of the more recent protests of the current agreement.  This could have gone on all evening, but it was decided to get to the committee reports and move the meeting along.  About elections: Don Woodleigh has said that he would not continue as Architectural Chair for 2003, and Dick Paridee has also opted out as Vice President.  There were some names brought up as possible replacements.  President Alan made a note to call some of these people to see if they would be interested in having these positions.


Treasurer: Gail passed around copies of the monthly report: the current net worth is $64,179.19.  This amount does not include interest from the CDs, and there is also one fee that has been collected since the report was printed.  All maintenance fees have been paid, including the $13,000 fee for resealing the taxiways last month.


There have been no architectural developments since the last meeting, so there was nothing to report.  There was discussion about the contractors using the taxiways for their vehicles, that signs had been posted on the taxiways to put a stop to this. 


Since there was no other business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 9:06 PM.  Unless another meeting is necessary for logistics reasons, the next meeting will be the December 1 general membership meeting.


Respectfully submitted by Robert English, secretary.