IAHA Board Meeting

22 October 2020


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by President Gary. Present were Herb Jolliff, Alan Wright, Gary Van Horn, Robert English, Dave Martin, Al & Margaret Cleveland, and John Horn. Some guests were in attendance.


SECRETARY: The minutes from the July meeting have been posted as “draft minutes” on the website since early August. There was one correction, some wording in the "treasurer" section regarding Skylane taxiway ("using Skylane" instead of "along Skylane") to make the meaning more exact. Dave Martin made the motion to approve the minutes as corrected, and Herb Jolliff seconded. All approved by voice vote.


DISCUSSION FROM MEMBERS: Some discussion of the trees along Skylane taxiway threaten to encroach on the necessary space needed, and the redwood tree has branches that are already encroaching. One big branch has been removed already though there are more that need to be removed for easement concerns. Al said he would go out there and take a look.


TREASURER: There are two IAHA member houses that will go into lien status if they have not paid the IAHA special assessment by November. The ODA payment has been made for the year. Since the cost of insurance has gone up, and we don't what that will be for next year yet. Office supplies and other expenses have gone up. Margaret proposed a 5% increase in the budget of the Association (without an increase in membership dues) for next year due to inflation, Alan seconded the motion. Gary mentioned that the Association budget has remained the same since 2015. Herb made a motion to modify the motion to make it 10% rather than 5%, and John seconded. After discussion, all approved the modified motion by voice vote.

Margaret said she would like to request a work party to make and send out the ballots, with the preparation space to be in the EAA hangar to allow for social distancing. The date and time will be announced later.


ARCHITECTURAL: The Hill property on 794 Stearman is within weeks of being ready for occupancy; the move-in date is in mid-November. There will be a new hangar plan for that house to be reviewed at a later date when the plans are ready. In other news: the Johnstone house at the end of Stinson is currently occupied; he intends to build a hangar later. The Landis house on Piper is close to being finished; there is gravel where a hanger or pad would be. The Yelas property on Airport Way has not yet presented their plan to the Committee, and that should be forthcoming.


MAINTENANCE: Some spraying has been done since the weeds have remained prolific. No crack sealing was done on the taxiways this year due to both the COVID and the fire situations.

For the coming taxiway paving project: oil prices were down, making it seem the cost of the paving project should be lower, though the price of paving is actually up since the cost of many other factors (trucking, etc) has gone up.


PRESIDENT'S REPORT: There was a discussion going on for the last month regarding the Block Herald network, whether political points of view should be part of it. Gary and Jerry Pryce (from North Park) will be putting together some guidelines for the Block Herald system, and Gary solicited input from the people attending the meeting. Alan asked whether comments would be solicited from the general membership, and Gary answered that the draft for guidelines will be announced at the December meeting.


Regarding the ballot preparation for 2021: Gary said the nominations are open, though we're a bit behind at this time. Margaret stated the ballots have to be out by 6 November in order to provide enough lead time before the actual vote at the December 6 meeting. Gary suggested 28 October as a deadline to review responses for nominations for IAHA Board posts.


Gary also brought up a possible review of the ByLaws and the CC&Rs in order that they be more effective in a legal sense, suggesting a committee be formed to review them. It's a long-term process, but something that needs some attention. Alan would head the committee. Dave, Margaret, John and Gary said they would be glad to help.


GOOD OF THE ORDER: Al asked about the link for the ByLaws setback drawing, and Robert mentioned that there was a separate link for that map that had been on the website for some time. There was further discussion about making that link more obvious.


ADJOURNMENT: Gary adjourned the meeting at 7:38 PM. Next meeting is 6 December at 2:00 PM. Respectfully submitted by Robert English, IAHA secretary.