IAHA Board Meeting

Oct 24, 2019


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by President Gary. Present were: Dave Martin, John Horn, Alan Wright, Robert English, Gary Van Horn, Kelly Wilson, and Al & Margaret Cleveland. Herb Jolliff was in Arizona and not able to attend. Several neighbors were in attendance this evening.


SECRETARY: The minutes have been posted on the website since the July meeting. Dave moved the minutes be approved and Margaret seconded. All approved by voice vote.


TREASURER: Margaret stated the current balances of the accounts, and said she had three liens out for the special assessment not coming in and four for the yearly homeowner's dues. Gary asked if the separate accounts have been set for the regular vs special assessment for resurfacing the taxiways.


The ballots are being assembled so they can go out 30 days before the final meeting in early December. A work party for that will be at the Cleveland's house.


ARCHITECTURE: There was a meeting to approve the plans for Richard & Kathleen Hill's house on the lot on Stearman, and they will begin soon. Sean Johnston plans a building on Stinson St, and wants the Committee to approve his plans so he can start building in November.


A problem with equipment on the taxiway was due to the lift device being used to help install the 50 foot wide hangar door on the Cuevas house currently under construction. Dave reminded everyone present that any damage to the taxiways due to such equipment will be born by the home owner. While on the subject, John mentioned that he has seen numerous instances of cars and pickups driving on the states North/South taxiway and this will not help our desire for minimal fencing during future discussions with the FAA and ODA.


There was a question as to whether the Committee follows up on specific requirements, and the answer is the City follows up on the housing requirements while the IAHA will generally concentrate on whether the hanger or pad is put in place by the owner. The Board does have the power to put a lien on the house if there is no hangar or pad.


MAINTENANCE: Al spoke about the work party he has been assembling for new rock borders for the Cadet Taxiway. It's about half done now, in decent shape, but will be completed soon. The tractor will be taken in for winter maintenance in the coming months. He doesn't anticipate any major expenses this year, just regular maintenance.


Al said there is a water line between the State property and ours, and one of the manhole covers rose up high enough to strike the blades of the lawn mower. Al advised people walking in that area to watch for these since they were unstable. He'll send this to the Block Heralds for wider distribution.


Gary mentioned one place on Skylane Taxiway where the rock is eroded, and Al said it might be a sinkhole so he is keeping a watch on that.


PRESIDENT'S REPORT: Gary had a sample ballot and took a head count of the people currently on the Board who want to stay on for 2020. Gary stated that as of today he had no indication that anyone was interested in being the President of the Board in 2020. He penciled himself in for President. Margaret said she needs the finalized ballot by October 28 so she can put it together with the work party on the 30th. Then the ballots will go out in time. Gary will put out one more call for volunteers before the finalization of the ballot.


Gary proposed the start of evaluations for some kind of adjustment to the CC&Rs so the Board can have some teeth to enforce its existing regulations. Lots of discussion followed, particularly how people are notified about the existing CC&Rs (whether they are home buyers or renters). Gary stated the Board would form a subcommittee to discuss this matter further.


GOOD OF THE ORDER: Al and John were members of the committee appointed by the ODA to review and comment on the master plan for the Independence Airport as it was developed. Al and John were supposed to see that plan for a final review before it went to FAA. No final review has occurred, and it may have gone to the FAA without modifications from when it was last viewed.


ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 8:39 PM. Next meeting is the general membership meeting on 1 December at 2:00 PM, at the EAA hangar.