IAHA Board Meeting

October 25, 2007


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by President John Horn.  Present were: Dave Martin, Robert English, John McCoy, Alan Wright, Jim Kirkendall, John Horn, and Craig Cowles.  Among the guests in attendance were Andy Andersen and Rita Farb.


SECRETARY: The minutes of the last meeting were sent out by email, and there were no corrections.  Dave Martin made the motion to accept them as sent, and Jim Kirkendall seconded.  All approved by voice vote.


TREASURER: John passed out the latest balance sheet, showing the expenditures for taxiway work throughout the year and interest income which has increased from the previous statement.  The bottom-line figure is up about $3,000.00 from the end of fiscal year 2006.  Dave Martin made the motion to approve the treasurer's report as submitted and Craig Cowles seconded.  All approved by voice vote.


ARCHITECTURE: not too much activity since the last meeting.  Niel Gallagher submitted plans for a cupela, the Frances on Luscombe are going to build a house.   Drainage guidelines have been incorporated.


MAINTENANCE: Craig and Lynn have been mowing and spraying for the last few months, and that will continue until the freezes come and the grass stops growing.


DIRECTORS AT LARGE: nothing to report.


OLD BUSINESS: The insurance question for the Board of Directors (not for the airpark) was raised last meeting, and the paperwork has been submitted to the insurance company for an estimate.  There was one preliminary problem: the company thought that IAHA was liable for the airstrip, which we are not.  Another company, Evanston Insurance in Dallas, quoted $1,731.86 for one year's insurance for the IAHA Board.  Yet another company, AIG Insurance in Portland, offered a policy for $1,049.00 for one year ($799.99 for a one-year policy and $250 filing fee per year).  There was some concern from the floor about where the funds to pay for this policy would come from, and whether those funds were strictly earmarked for taxiway maintenance.  Dave said that these funds apply toward the good of the airpark since it is for the continuation of the Board, since there are several people who would otherwise serve on the Board but would not if there was no insurance to cover them.  More questions arose about whether such suits have ever occurred here or elsewhere.  The general answer was yes, that Boards of Directors of Homeowners Associations did get sued from time to time, usually for not enforcing CC&Rs.  Andy spoke up saying that in the distant past there was one lawsuit between neighbors here that got thrown out of court and never went to trial.  Alan asked about what might be excluded from either one of the policies on the table.  Dave went through the policies, the cheaper one of which excluded terrorism and mold interestingly enough, and the other did not list exclusions (but that language may be in the actual policy rather than the application).  Alan asked whether it included errors or omissions.  The language in the policy didn't mention those words but did not exclude them either.  Dave made the motion to pursue the lower cost of the two applications, with the proviso that the language in the policy include acts of commission as well as omission, and Jim Kirkendall seconded.  There was more discussion about what type of policy this was, whether it might include physical injury, etc.   The answer was that this was for likely to cover liability only, not actual physical damage of some sort.  John called for a vote to authorize pursuit of a policy.  There were two negative votes, and the rest of the Board voted for it.  John McCoy asked to open the discussion open again, stating that his concern was that this was not a one-time expenditure but a year-by-year continuing expenditure.  He stated he had a hard time voting in favor of insurance that did not include the broader Association and only included the Board.  Both Jim Kirkendall and Dave Martin stated that it would be difficult to find people to sit on the Board without insurance coverage.  Dave went further to say that the Association is protected indirectly by covering the Board members.  Alan stated that something like an insurance policy would hopefully give the Board a little more "backbone" to pursue issues that they might not pursue if the Board members were vulnerable to a lawsuit.  In the past, he noted, there were issues before the Board that weren't pressed because certain members were afraid of being sued if they did.  John Horn reiterated the motion before the Board, to spend up to the cost of the higher policy to acquire insurance for the Board.  Dave offered to add a proviso to notify the Board members of his findings so that all would understand what we were buying.  The new motion, put forward by Jim Kirkendall, was as follows: Dave would pursue the better of the two insurance policies, whichever one includes the acts of omission as well as commission, and notify the other Board members of his findings before the money (up to $1731.86) is committed.  The second vote was two against (Alan Wright and John McCoy) and five in favor, and the motion carried.


The resolution #12 to change the IAHA CC&Rs, to remove the pole-type of structure from being mentioned in the architectural section (article 6), was next on the agenda.  Dave Martin moved that the resolution be placed on the ballot as presented, and Craig Cowles seconded.  Jim mentioned during discussion that he was saddened by the lack of reinforcement on this issue but that he was in favor of the amendment.  All approved by voice vote.


Other possible CC&R violations, including shrubs and trees, were also discussed.  Andy Andersen talked with Gary Van Horn about his trees, and Gary agreed to have one tree removed so as to improve visibility as the Board has suggested.  John Horn said, as far as he understood, Gary doesn't have to cut any of his trees down: the branches need to be cut back, thinned out enough to see through.  After much discussion, it was decided that the Board should not take any action on this one but that Gary and Andy should notify all neighbors who might be in the way of that tree coming down.  At 10:00 AM on Friday morning, some Board members will meet at Gary's house to get a look at this situation.


David Metcalf on the Comanche taxiway has some issues with some rocks that might be too high.  First a hand-level needs to be used in order to find out if it's out of compliance or not, then a letter written asking the best solution to the problem.


NEW BUSINESS: Candidates are secured for every position except for Vice President.  We need one before the ballots get printed and sent out on Tuesday.  John McCoy said he would run for that office if he can't find anyone else by then. 


GOOD OF THE ORDER: The City of Independence Planning Council is going to be discussing expanding the urban growth boundaries which will likely include the acreage adjacent to the airport to the West.  There is an Open House for that on Tuesday November 6 from 4 to 6 PM.  Regular meetings are on the second and fourth Tuesdays; the second Tuesday meeting is at 7:30 PM, and the fourth Tuesday meeting is at 7:30 AM.  One thing to understand: the process of inclusin within the urban growth boundary does not mean that it's going to be annexed or rezoned immediately.


Andy spoke up again regarding the Airport protection boundary bill which will be re-introduced into legislative session


Dave made the motion to adjourn, and John McCoy seconded.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 PM.  The next meeting will be the General Meeting at the Krummel's hangar on the 2nd of December at 1:00 PM.


Respectfully submitted by Robert English, secretary.