IAHA Board Meeting

October 26, 2017


The meeting was called to order by President Gary at 6:59 PM. Present were: Al & Margaret Cleveland, Gary Van Horn, Robert English, Alan Wright, Dave Martin, Herb Jolliff, Kelly Wilson, and John Horn. Many airpark residents were also in attendance as guests this evening.


SECRETARY: The draft minutes for the July meeting have been posted on the web for the last few months. Gary made the motion to approve the minutes as posted, and Margaret Cleveland seconded. All Board Members approved.


TAXIWAY BALLOT DISCUSSION: Al took questions from the floor regarding the ballot measures. Both Al and John took turns answering the questions, including whether the entrances to the taxiways would be feathered rather than an abrupt lip, and whether an engineer is required for a larger job like this (the answer was no). Topics of other questions included whether to finance it all in one year or portion it out over five (decision to be made later) and whether this was an advisory vote or a go-ahead (it's a go-ahead). After there were no more questions, Margaret took time to count the votes which had been sent in.


ARCHITECTURAL: Dave said there was one project on 627 Luscombe Street, the Harrises are building a two-story house with a tie-down space (no hangar) and a ten-foot setback in case a hangar gets built later. Dave took a tour of the project this afternoon, and he does not know when the project will be completed.


There was a question about a certain lot being overloaded with old cars, and aside from the City ordinances being brought to bear the Homeowners Association can apply some pressure as well.


MAINTENANCE: Al says he they are starting to winterize the equipment and store it, but there will be a project coming soon to put new rock along the taxiway edge and there will be calls for volunteers for that job before the wet season starts.


Lynn McDonald has been taking care of the ditch to the South where the larger tractor cannot mow, and he had a few bills that needed to be paid (parts, fuel, etc) which have been paid. His service is appreciated, and Al plans to use his services as long as Lynn is able to provide them.


A brush and vacuum system is being researched to take care of the flaking surface coat that is presenting a potential hazard for airplane traffic. There was some doubt as to what this composite material was originally, and John believed it was an emulsion. The plan is to get this stuff off so it will not present a potential problem in the short term.


TREASURER: Margaret tallied up the ballots received. She said they got 142 ballots back with votes, out of 160 ballots sent originally.There were 112 yes and 30 no votes which is 78.87% passing. The assessment for the taxiway fund will go into effect starting July 1 of 2018. There was a question regarding those who do not pay, and Margaret responded that it would be the same as is currently in place: first a late fee, then finally a lien on the property in question.


Margaret then passed around the balance sheet she compiled for the time from July through October of 2017. It was a thorough report with each transaction detailed. There was no objection to the report, though John had one correction regarding the title for the taxiway job that was a crack seal, rather than a “seal coat” as it was called.


PRESIDENT'S REPORT: Gary announced that the whole board is on the ballot again for 2018.


The ODA has announced a master plan for this airport, and the more people show up the better. Gary thanked those who showed up at the City's meetings, about 60 to 70 people, and encouraged those attending this evening to keep up the good work.


GOOD OF THE ORDER: There was more discussion about the lots that were considered eyesores, and Gary said that it might be time for arbitration to start.


ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 PM. Next meeting is Sunday December 3, at 2:00 PM in the EAA hangar. Respectfully submitted by Robert English, secretary.