IAHA Board Meeting

October 27, 2022


CALL TO ORDER: President Gary called the meeting to order at 7:01PM. Present were: Herb Jolliff, Alan Wright, Dave Ullman, Al & Margaret Cleveland, John Horn, Robert English and Gary Van Horn.


SECRETARY: The minutes of the previous meeting had been posted on the internet since August. Dave Ullman moved the minutes be approved and Margaret Cleveland seconded. All approved by voice vote.


COMMENTS: Neighbor Vickie expressed a concern regarding a post on the Block Herald that was political in nature, asking that a policy be put in place regarding political messages going through the Block Herald network. It was also mentioned that the EAA cannot have anything to do with anything of a political nature since their 501C3 standing would be jeopardized. While the Board has not been involved with the Block Herald operations, there was some agreement that this can be addressed by both the North Park Homeowner's Association and ourselves. Al C said that he would get together with representatives of the North Park to see what can be worked out.


Neighbor Wayne suggested that a light pollution issue be addressed with a neighbor of theirs who leaves their lights on through the night. There is an existing policy about that in the CC&Rs, and Dave U asked that he be given the information so it can be evaluated.


Neighbor Ron suggested that specific comments made by the neighbors during the meetings be more specifically noted in the minutes of the meeting, which was considered a good idea.


TREASURER: Overall the budget items are on target other than insurance which is higher this year. Three properties have not paid the fees and their properties will be in lien status as a result; everyone else is paid up. Anyone wanting specific information can contact Margaret.


The membership roster will be updated this year, and there will be a door-to-door inquiry this year to make sure that all of the details are current. Members in the audience volunteered to assist with the gathering of the information which is very helpful.


ARCHITECTURE: Dave gave the info about new projects; Barnaby Wainfan's new house being built on Airport Way had a meeting about drainage with neighbors and all is well with that. Miles N will be having a meeting with the architectural committee on Saturday the 29th of October regarding the house he plans to build on Stearman. TJ and Mary R on Luscombe haven't got back to Dave regarding the drainage plans for their lot and that should be addressed soon. The Landis property on Piper is getting solar panels installed and the plans were in compliance with the CC&Rs.


MAINTENANCE: Winter months will be maintenance time for the equipment, and the committee is still looking for indoor storage for the equipment. The taxiway sweeper has had new brushes put on. A 55-gallon drum of new oil has been donated for the use of the Maintenance Committee and they are using it.


The taxiway subcommittee has met to find out what can be done with the money they have now; the original intent was to grind off the old sealer on the existing taxiways and put down new asphalt. A "gentleman's bid" some years ago was the basis for the amount that was gathered with the intent of doing that big job, and costs of everything have gone up since then, so new info must be gathered. There will be more information about the findings of the committee at the year-end meeting in December.


There was discussion on these points: neighbor Wayne suggested a new cost proposal and the Association get a loan to finish the project. Specifics about what is planned, as well as the money which will be collected in the future toward the maintenance of the taxiway system, was gone over in answer to that point. The State ORS requirement is that the Association has funds available for taxiway maintenance, and the specifics of how much we need to have on hand is still being discussed. Alan W explained further by saying the State of Oregon requires that we need to have a plan to replace the taxiway system after the current system has reached the end of its useful life.


Neighbor Ron had a suggestion that maybe all money from the general fund be devoted to the taxiway fund to get it done this Summer, and Margaret answered by saying the homeowner's dues would barely cover the yearly expenses so there would not be enough to move anything toward the taxiway system. Neighbor Lee raised a question about the money gathered for the taxiway system and whether there would have to be another vote from the Membership to raise more funds if need be, and Al said yes it would, but for now the Board will be evaluating to see what can be done with the money that has been collected up to this point.


Neighbor Kathleen objected by saying the costs did not stay current by getting a checkup bid every year, and lots of discussion followed. Neighbor Ron chimed in on that point saying that budget review is part of the governing statutes. Gary answered by saying the IAHA Budget gets reviewed at the start of every year, and the budget for the taxiway system is part of that yearly review.


PRESIDENT'S REPORT: Gary thanked everyone who attended this meeting tonight for their input, saying this was the best attended meeting in recent memory.

He then reminded the neighbors who were still present that there is a dispute resolution process which would include binding arbitration if needed. Neighbor Ron added that some things can be taken care of neighbor-to-neighbor and other things which are against Board policy can be addressed by the Board itself. Neighbor Kathleen reminded those attending that a previous suggestion to put reminder notices in the Block Herald regarding certain policies can be implemented, and there was positive feedback from that.


The posts on the ballot were gone over one at a time, and there were some new people who will be showing up this time around. Gary has said he will not be running for Board President in 2022, so that post will be open.


GOOD OF THE ORDER: Alan stated he sees more people walking on the State Airport taxiway, and there needs to be more education for people who walk on the taxiways or runways - it can put our airport access at risk. Gary stated that there were videos made some years ago, with all of the details still being current, that have been posted on the IAHA web page. Gary will include links to those videos in an email he'll send out.


ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 8:41PM and executive session followed. Respectfully submitted by Robert English, IAHA secretary.