IAHA Board Meeting

October 30, 2014


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM. Present were: Gail Hill, Craig Cowles, Robert English, Gary Van Horn, Alan Wright, Kelly Wilson, Herb Jolliff and Dave Martin. There were many guests this evening.


SECRETARY: The minutes of the previous meeting have been up on the web site. Gail moved that the minutes be approved as posted, and Dave seconded. All approved by voice vote.


TREASURER: Gail passed around the balance sheet with all of the account balances and also the expense sheet for year to date. There was some discussion for clarification of specific points. 


ARCHITECTURE: Approval to build a hangar on Glenn Plymate's property (the newly combined lot) has been granted now since there is now a house and hangar on the same lot as dictated by the CC&Rs. The hangar is planned to be 3,000 square feet, and there will be a breezeway between his house and the new hangar. He hopes to start the project as soon as possible.


MAINTENANCE: Craig gave us an overview of the last project, which was resealing the cracks in the asphalt. Craig insisted that slicing the asphalt was not the best way to maintain the taxiways, that sealing the cracks was the best way since the integrity of the taxiway is not undermined.  He also announced that he was not going to be addressing the asphalt anymore and just do the spraying and mowing. There was discussion after Craig's announcement; Gail started by saying that the last job done on these taxiways was not good enough. Gary followed up by reminding the Board that an engineer reviewed the taxiways earlier this year, and his advice to rout the cracks was accepted at the time, but this information did not get passed to the contractor. Gail also said that we should increase the dues to cover increasing cost of doing the taxiway maintenance. Further discussion centered around developing long-range plans to evaluate what the taxiway maintenance costs are going to be in order to provide a solid basis for increasing the homeowner's dues. There was no motion on that suggestion at this time.


Gail made the motion that the Board submit a complaint about the contractor, and Kelly Wilson seconded. During discussion, Alan said that the work was inconsistent, not uniformly terrible, and burning bridges with the contractor would not be helpful. Gary and Gail both had some rejoinders to that, saying that the process has an examination phase so this is not going to be a blind slur against the company. Dave asked whether this complaint would serve as a deterrent to hiring any new contractors in the future. The motion was tabled until John Horn returns.


PRESIDENT'S REPORT: The ballot was passed around, essentially the same slate as we have last year. Gail said that she didn't like bookkeeping necessarily, but there are so many irons in the fire right now that it would not be right for her to leave the post at this time. The maintenance position is the only one that needs adjutment, since Craig said he would not do any asphalt work. Gary asked the Board members to consider adding John Horn to the maintenance committee.


GOOD OF THE ORDER: There was a question about whether the contractor would be using the taxiway system to build the Plymate's hangar, and the response was that the contractor would be required to meet the CC&R stipulations about not having trucks on the taxiways and cleaning up after themselves. Besides, the lot in question is easily reached from the street so the taxiway is not an issue.


There was also some discussion regarding the gate being kept closed going North to the lessees hangars. Gary responded by repeating what we had decided at previous meetings, that this gate is on State property and that State regulations must be followed to keep that gate closed so that unauthorized traffic does not enter the taxiway area.


ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 7:42 PM, with an executive session scheduled at 8 PM. The next meeting is the general membership meeting to be held in the EAA hangar on December 7, with potluck at 1 and meeting starting at 2 PM. Respectfully submitted by Robert English, secretary.



Executive session of September 25, 2014

During the Board’s Executive Session on the evening of September 25th there was significant discussion regarding poor workmanship resulting in an incomplete job of Taxiway Crack Sealing by the Contractor, Valley Custom Seal Coating of Albany, Oregon.  Present at the meeting were Gary Van Horn, Gail Hill, Dave Martin, Alan Wright, Kelly Wilson, John Horn and Craig Cowles.  Secretary Robert English arrived following the Taxiway discussion.


Following that discussion the Board went on the record for the following:


John Horn made the motion:  That we go ahead and pay the contract amount and send the Valley Custom President an email stating that the approval by Craig Cowles was in error due to an internal miscommunication and that the Board’s view is that the work was improperly done and that we invite them to visit and review the reasons, explaining what we believe to be faulty workmanship.  And, further, that we indicate that fixing the problems would not be extra work, because we are expecting the work to be corrected and completed. 


Herb Jolliff seconded.  The vote by a show of hands was 6 – 2 in favor of payment.


In further discussion there was consensus by the Board that if Valley Custom Sealcoating does not respond and address the concerns it would be appropriate to file a complaint with the State Construction Contractors Board.