IAHA Meeting Minutes

November 20, 2015


The meeting was called to order at 4:14 PM by President Gary. Present were Gail Hill, John Horn, Alan Wright, Al Cleveland, Gary Van Horn and Herb Jolliff. There were guests present including Henry Bartle.


SECRETARY: Robert was unable to attend this meeting, but the minutes for the previous meeting have already been posted on the web in the form of a draft. There was one addition suggested to the July minutes; the addendum should include what the vote was (which was unanimous). Gail approved the motion and Herb seconded. All approved by voice vote.


TREASURER: Gail passed out a summary up to this point of expenditures and income as of this date. Account balances as of now were passed out on a separate sheet. Gary thanked Gail publicly for her service and for her offer to train up her successor whoever that might be. Gary further stated that the option was on the table to hire a professional outside the community if no one steps forward.


ARCHITECTURE: Dave was unable to attend due to family issues, and there was no report.


MAINTENANCE: John passed around an outline of the proposed taxiway maintenance plan, summarizing it by saying the plan was to repave all taxiways over a ten-year period which would involve an increase in the homeowner’s dues starting in 2017. Gail moved that the proposal be implemented as written, and Herb seconded. Discussion followed regarding the dues increase, possibly making the increase for a limited term, for the duration of the project only. Some more discussion revolved around how well the fundamental structure of these taxiways are holding up, and the resurfacing we will be doing is very cost-effective compared to their complete replacement in the event of sub-base failure. Gary asked that John and Al continue to work on this and present two different choices (a “plan A” and a “plan B”) to advise the general membership meeting in December about what the Board was planning to do, and October of 2016 would be the month to make the actual decision. Since this plan needs more work, Gail withdrew her motion to accept it as written. 


Al briefed the Board on the Airport Emergency Response Team. It is still in the formative stages; OPA is working with them to make a mobile toolkit, possibly in a trailer, and the ODA has volunteered to provide that trailer with shelter so it will be protected and available when needed. A grant is being written for the organization at this time.


Al further stated that he would be tearing into the tractor before the end of the year to see where the noise is coming from, though his hunch is a cam follower; that would mean camshaft work if it turns out to be true.


PRESIDENT’S REPORT: Gary passed out the preliminary 2016 ballot, and as discussed earlier this evening there is no name for the treasurer position. He stated he needed a list of people to thank for their service, and Gail said she would provide him with one. He also asked that someone else coordinate the potluck goodies normally on hand at this meeting; a request will be sent through the Block Herald system for this.


Regarding the arbitration/mediation process: after lots of discussion, Henry Bartle agreed to provide a written agreement to IAHA stating a deadline for when all of his work gear will be moved to the commercial side of the airport.


ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 5:28 PM. The next meeting is Sunday, December 6, at 2:00 PM. Transcribed from recording and respectfully submitted by Robert English, secretary.