IAHA annual meeting

Sunday December 1, 2019


            Board Vice President Herb Jolliff opened the meeting at 2 p.m., explaining that President Gary Van Horn is recuperating from surgery and pneumonia. We look forward to his speedy recovery. Present were: Al & Margaret Cleveland, John Horn, Herb Jolliff, Alan Wright, Kelly Wilson and Dave Martin. Secretary Robert English was working today so Dave Martin recorded the minutes. In addition to the board, 18 airpark owners attended the meeting.


            Minutes from the October IAHA board meeting were approved by a vote of the board.


            Margaret Cleveland, Treasurer, gave a report of the current status of IAHA accounts. There are four property owners who have not paid required dues and she has notified them that they will be subject to liens effective Monday. She discovered recently that the most recent changes to the CC&Rs were not properly recorded and, at Gary’s instruction, is turning this over to the board to re-record properly by the January meeting.

            Margaret noted that 15 airpark properties have changed ownership this year. Dave Ullman asked how many of the new owners are aviation people, and Margaret answered that all but one are and that one is interested in learning to fly. Margaret thanked Shirley Horn and the block heralds who keep the community on top of airpark news and other items of interest. She also thanks many others who helped this year, including Anne Schenck for the social gathering in September. The airport roster is being prepared for the coming year, and she asked those with changes or corrections to get them to her in the next day or two. The 2020 roster will be published soon.


            Al Cleveland, maintenance chair, spoke next and credited the many who helped with recent airpark maintenance including gopher control, perimeter mowing, hauling and spreading taxiway edge gravel.


Dave Martin, chair of the Architecture Committee, noted recent approval for a house with a hangar to follow at 802 Stinson Street. The lot owner is Sean Johnston, a freight airline pilot who intends to build a hangar and acquire an airplane later. Construction continues on the house and hangar owned by J.C. Quevas at 752 Aeronca Street. He anticipates completion in April. Dave thanked committee members Carole Kreig, Doug Davis and Joe Dubner for their participation. Andy Duncan has agreed to replace Joe, who is retiring from the committee. 


            Vice President Herb Jolliff noted that the October board meeting addressed a lack of rules enforcement (The exception is liens for failure to pay IAHA fees). In October, board members noted that neighborhood community spirit and pride has worked here for decades, and that this largely still works, even for owners without aviation interests. Some of the violations are Independence city codes, and the city has been asked to enforce its rules. The subject is expected to come up at the January 23 IAHA meeting in 2020.


            Margaret asked Anne Scheck to help her count the ballots. Of the 160 lot owner members, only 20 ballots were turned in. Margaret reported the election results: Only current board members volunteered to run for 2020. All were elected.


            President                     Gary Van Horn

            Vice President                      Herb Jolliff

            Secretary                     Robert English

            Treasurer                     Margaret Cleveland

            Maintenance               Al Cleveland

            Architecture                 Dave Martin

            Members At Large            Alan Wright and John Horn

            Past President                      Kelly Wilson


            Board member John Horn tried to find the current status of the airport master plan, which was under review by ODA (the state department of aviation) and paid consultants several years ago. John reported that nobody he contacted at ODA knows the status of that planning.


            The meeting adjourned at 2:36 p.m. Next meeting is 23 January 2020. The 2020 meetings were listed on the bottom of today’s agenda for the convenience of all:  Jan 23, April 23, July 23, October 22 and Annual Meeting December 6.


Respectfully submitted by Dave Martin, later edited by Robert English.