DECEMBER 2, 2012


Call to Order 1:00  p.m.




Gary reported that Robert is working today so he’s taking notes to help out.


Asked for a motion for approval of the draft minutes as published on the IAHA Website?   Motion: John Horn to approve as published.    Second:  Dave Martin – approved without objection. 




Gail reported a bank balance of $100,817.79 and noted that the two large expenditures for 2012 were the transfer payment to the State for Access Fees in the amount of $33,810.00 and the invoice for Taxiway paving, crack sealing and selected surface sealing on some of the Taxiway surfaces in the amount of $35,071.27.  Gary noted that the maintenance efforts over the years have significantly extended the life of the Taxiways, based on their original expected lifetimes.  Gail also reported that there are liens on three properties and explained that the lien filing fees and discharge fees are also to be paid by the property owner and/or when property title is transferred.




Craig outlined what he and Lynn McDonald do for maintenance activity and pointed out that if folks didn’t want their areas sprayed they needed to have no weeds showing and/or a sign in place indicating no spray.  Craig also thanked everyone who had helped with the annual ditch clean-out to remove vegetation that accumulates and reported that the property owner where the bank was stabilized had expressed total satisfaction with the quality of the work by the contractor.




Thanks to all who have helped the Association during the year:


·        Rena Peck and the Block Heralds have done and continue to do an outstanding job of helping keep us all informed and this effort cements our community together.  Their work is appreciated by everyone in the Airpark.


·        We certainly appreciate the work by Craig Cowles and Lynn McDonald to do the mowing, spraying and contractor supervision as well as the many volunteers who have helped with maintenance issues – Craig has outlined that folks who are concerned about Taxiway Spraying are welcome to put out signs indicating no spraying is desired, but he cautioned them to keep the weeds in check to protect the edges of the Taxiways.  In addition to Craig and Lynn, Carol and Rod Gabel, Bill and Gail Boyle also helped with the Ditch clean-up this year.


·        Contributors to the Video Series about Living in the Airpark:

--Norm Rainey

--Eileen Thede and Kaaren McGlynn

--Jim and Kathy Hubele

--Mitch Swecker, Director of the Oregon Department of Aviation

--Mayor John McArdle (in advance of the final segment’s taping

--Dave Martin for his videography and editing of the segments.


·        Board members – who contribute time and effort and provide guidance, ideas and feedback as we work through issues for the good of the Airpark.


·        Gail Boyle and Lois Martin for their work on Loud and Clear.


·        Eleanor Cowles for her fine work in organizing the Ice Cream Social which was very successful this past year.


·        Bill Boyle and Jim Ashford are to be thanked for their many years of volunteering for tax help provided to Seniors at the Senior Center.  Keith Moes has also helped with these forts in the past and may still be participating as well.


Just wanted to remind everyone of our Mayor’s request for interest in an Independence Air Force to do formation fly-overs for significant City Events – give me a shout if you are interested in organizing a group for the idea and we’ll set up a confab with John to flesh out the details – he wants to keep it simple.


As far as accomplishments for 2012 are concerned:


n      The Federal Legislation was passed and signed in February which modified FAA statutes by specifying that the existence of a Residential through the Fence (RTTF) agreement was not to be grounds for the FAA declaring non-compliance with Grant Assurances.  This was signed into law on February 14th – the anniversary of Oregon’s admission to Statehood.  The FAA is still working on Administrative rules for implementation and we are keeping a close eye on their “progress.”  It has been noted that the FAA took nearly 40 pages to produce an Administrative Rule document purporting to explain 6 column inches of pretty clear Statutory Law that was – to the layman anyway – pretty simple and straight-forward.


n      Major work was performed on repair and resurfacing for a portion of the North-South Taxiway which parallels Airport Road; seal-coating for that taxiway and portions of other taxiways; and crack sealing.  We have now engaged the same firm from Albany who has been performing the work on the North Airpark Taxiways.


n      We have been working with the City and our local City Council member, Forrest Peck, is assisting in that effort to make sure the story drainage system is cleaned out and working properly to avoid the flooding situation experienced last winter on Mooney Street.  The City has installed a 24 inch culvert (replacing a 12 inch one) at the corner of Hoffman and Airport Roads to improve the flow from the Airport property directly into the storm sewer system and some plugged pipes have been cleaned out and repaired downstream from the Southeast corner of the Airpark which should also help with the outflow from the retention ponds.  An engineering study of the drainage basin is currently underway and the results are to be available early in 2013 – potentially by February.





There was one question from the floor – whether there will be any attempt to complete the walkways between the taxiways in the South end of the Airpark?  Gary answered that to the best of his knowledge there were no plans to put any more in place because, as he understood it, there was no one willing to allow any more space for the walkways.  There had been no discussion of that issue during Board meetings for at least the last three years.  This was confirmed by other Board members as the correct understanding of the situation.




Eileen reported that the 27 ballots were unanimous in their selection of the candidates named – there were no write-ins and the current Board of Directors will continue in office for 2013.





Thank you for being here and for your support.  Wishing you a “Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year !!!